Itabidi Govind arudi Bristol

Before the elections, Govind took a flight to his cousins and relatives in Bristol, UK. He was afraid ati kikinuka atafanyaje. He shut business and left. His grandma, grandpa and senior relatives are some of the Gujaratis who managed to work the Colonial British System to get British passports before Kenya’s independence but they continue to hang around, leaving every election year and coming back after things settle. They like to make money here off the backs of underpaid locals and the corrupt system, then they buy property in the UK or Canada, where they retire later in life with peace. Or if they can’t afford property, they go retire on the UK’s social system. Get taken care of by the UK government as octogenarians while their descendants enjoy the money they made back in Kenya.

Govind came back from Bristol last week and opened his Bookshop pale Kijabe street. Sasa naona itabidi afunge Kibanda, achome fair tena arudi Bristol,

Wachana naye, he’s no leech. Kama hakuuza biashara and all he did was leave, then return, alijua mahali wapenda fujo huwa…

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ndiye mwenye TBC?

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Zi, yake its smaller. He has like 3 outlets in Nairobi, on Dingy streets. But he works closely na akina Manesh wa TBC.

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Could it be that proceeds from TBC are hidden and laundered thru the dinghy backstreet operations?