ok IT gurus…a cousin of mine is graduating with a degree in computer science,he recently asked me what courses he could do to supplement his degree in order to make him more appealing to IT firms that are hiring…any ideas were the money is??

He should immediately start working. I.T skills usefulness change at such breakneck paces that he could find that a year down the line, the course he spent his time on is now obsolete. The best teacher would be day to day experience working in a firm.


The field is so wide he has to specialise in one or two.

  1. Networking he can do CCNA or Cisco related packages
  2. Database admin kuna packages in that field like MySQL
  3. Programming
    Basically he has to follow his passion in different path coz each path has its own specalist packages

start working were and how…come on be realistic apa…huyu ni mtu itamchukua anaa year or months just to land an attachment

I don’t get where the defeatist attitude is coming from. Ikiwa alifanya his due diligence, by the time he’s graduating, he should’ve already applied for internship at a hundred places. Hakuna vile atakosa hata moja. Kama hajafanya hivyo, aanze saa hii.

cool…so what you mean to say is tha without these other complimentary certs haezi land anything at the moment

He can land any entry level IT job/internship without them. Sanasana IT support.

Asome asome asome nini??? Aaanze kutafuta kitu ya kumpatia experience. Whatever it is. There is opportunity for IT skills in kenya. The problem is that computer science graduates are usually half baked unless they do a lot of self education. Kusoma Kusoma haitamsaidia. He will come out of school greener, more stupid and more aged. Na kusoma sana haipatii watu job kama ni job anataka. Connection na social skills ndio ziuleta job. Job upeanwa na watu. So its your image in their eyes ndio important.

Isipokuwa vyenye watu sio resilient, Jobs arent the best Idea for people aiming high.


No need for more courses. He should bury himself in the Internet first to catch up with the real world. Have I seen IT graduates who cannot do a simple website in PHP? Very many. By identifying how the real world is working, he can pick a narrow area and pursue it further.

A graduate who doesn’t know what training to do after school? Was s/he a self-sponsored student aka parallel? How old is he/she?

Wacha akae nyumbani, and if it’s a female, have her married. Don’t waste more money ukiuza ngombe kusomesha ngombe.

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@highschooler umefanya gani


system analysm

so kama this system analyst learnt that from pure certications?

si unatafuta wera àlaf wanakumbia ndio wakuandike ulete papers


i really hate this habit…you have nothing to say that can add value yet u just feel like openning your mouth to speak.whatever you just is it going to help you aor me.kwani this is a dissing competition ama ni utoto ndo bado uko nayo

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Kama ni mzee ameiva and aggresive, he will land a job next week. I stayed at home on saturday , sunday and monday after my last paper back in 2012, tuesday i was on the road to nairobi for my first job, just a suitcase of old clothes and 4000ksh. i walked from Wilson to town, every evening… ati kuhepa jam lakini wapi… i was broke as shit.

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Hehehe…I used to walk from Nairobi west to tao too:)

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Halafu unapita hapo nyuma ya nyayo stadium… Sku hizo i could meet 20 year ol driving a range and i would wonder what am doing wrong with my life… I learnt to accept that we each start from a different point. Sahii, nagrow pole pole but on the right track, 50k to sacco every month.

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Most people dont like the truth. Hate me or whatever, I will tell you the truth. Sometimes it has to be put forward the hard way.

Tell me, someone who has studied IT for 3 or 4 years and hasn’t got an idea what courses he needs to supplement his qualification, huyo si ngombe? I knew I needed CPA even before I joined university for my B. Com. With the many exhibitions and trips and career fairs and talks clubs and internet and what not… na bado hajui? Even a miracle can’t make him know.

And when I advise you to stop wasting money on a ngombe, you become hostile. Yenyewe it’s true when they say mtoto wa nyoka ni nyoka. And I add that mzazi wa ngombe ni ngombe.