It Will Take Between 205 And 480 Years For All Tribes To Taste The Presidency Considering 1 Or 2 Terms Mix

Now that we have tried to shed our tribal inkling but have been unable, its time we started this rotational sh!t. With the two communities that have ruled Kenya for 57 years aside we are left with 41 tribes. We will be fossils even before we get halfway.

Anyway Ukabila uliwalemea Wakena, our TZ brothers are ahead of us on this one.

We can choose the tribe to produce the president alphabetically. Which will be the first, and mind you, there is no tribe called Kikuyu, it’s Agĩkũyũ.

Everything company or political party is tribal in Kenya no matter how hard we try to hide.

ODM - Jaruo
Jubilee - Kikuyu, Kale
Ford Kende - Lughya
Wiper - Kamba

Turskys - Okuyu
Equity - Okuyu

Hata BJ50 Motors ni Okuyu

Why should we rotate the presidency when we can just divide the country and every tribe will have their own Federal state, and rule themselves the way they deem it best.

Afterall, this country was cosmetically formed by the British imperialists, and tribalism is too entrenched.

We are currently doing that in the 47 counties.

It’s should never a tribale thing. All that should matter is that the most competent presidential candidate is elected…that is what is called democracy (which is normally compromised in Africa)

The downside of democracy is that majority of the population is unintelligent, and the same can be said to their choices.

That’s totally different. Let every state form their own laws, run their own economic affairs and pursue their own political paths. Military and some few other departments should only be left under the Central government.

our form of devolution is fake, we should either adopt the nigeria model or US, let every county run it’s shit, central government to run external defense and foreign policies, or act as the big brothers

Don’t we already have counties which are basically that?

That is why we have to push for the BBI because the majority as you have said are unintelligent and cant see benefits contained in the document as all they are interested in is chanting slogans like “hustlers” and “dynasties”.

Regions are a better basis…its not written but its happening in so many countries such as south africa and nigeria. From the onset it was obvious that south africans( ANC) were going to pick a northerner (cyril) despite their small numbers and influence compared to Easterners and westerners

If tyranny of the two tribes is a problem, then full brown Federalism is the way to go!

Even my alpha grandfather; who had four wives, was wise enough to know that the only way of ensuring there is peace, prosperity and stability in the family, is by letting each wife handle her household’s affairs INDEPENDENTLY!

Their is a direct relation between tribalsim and state resources.

Some lazy communities that depend on the sweat of hardworking regions would simply revert to the stone age