It will take a lifetime for Tanzania to catch up with Kenya

  1. Budget
    Tanzanian Annual Budget: The Government plans to spend a total of TZS 33.1 trillion (USD 14.3 billion) in the financial year 2019/20

Kenyan Annaul Budget: Kenya on Thursday presented a 3.02 trillion shillings (30 billion U.S. dollars) budget for 2019/2020 fiscal year

  1. Debt
    Tanzanian National Debt: In 2018, the national debt of Tanzania amounted to around 20.99 billion U.S. dollars.

Kenyan National Debt: In 2018, the national debt of Kenya amounted to around 52.37 billion U.S. dollars

  1. Tax
    Tanzanian Annual Tax Collection: Tanzania currently collects approximately USD 6 billion in tax revenues per year, a figure equivalent to around 12 percent of its GDP

Kenyan Annual Tax Collection: Kenya’s tax revenue jumped to 1.58 trillion Kenyan shillings (15.3 billion U.S. dollars) for the financial year of 2019, compared to 13.9 billion dollars in the previous period


Globally recognized Kenyan teams.

[li]Kenya Rugby (won Singapore 7s)[/li][li]Kenya Athletics[/li][li]Prisons Volleyball[/li][li]Kenya Pipeline Volleyball[/li][li]Malkia Strikers (national women’s volleyball team currently ranked at number 19 in the world)[/li][li]Kenya Cricket (2003 world cup semi-finalists)[/li][li]Telkom Women’s Hockey team[/li][/ul]
Globally recognized Kenyan sportsmen & women

[li]More than 100 athletes including David Rudisha, Eliud Kipchoge, Paul Tergat, Ezekiel Kemboi, Julius Yego[/li][li]Dennis Oliech (first East African footballer to play in one of the big 5 leagues in Europe)[/li][li]Macdonald Mariga (won Champions League with Inter Milan)[/li][li]Victor Wanyama (first East African to play for one of the big 6 teams in EPL)[/li][li]Michael Olunga (played in the Spanish league)[/li][/ul]
Kasarani Stadium – built 20 years earlier than your stadium. Both stadia have same capacity. Kasarani is a sports complex; it can host other sporting events apart from football and athletics.

I want the stupid Tanzanians to mention any sports or discipline that they are known for in Africa. Not the world

But if we will be closing our economy whenever globalists tell us to do so, they will soon catch up. Kenyas ‘wealth’ is because we agree to suck up to globalist agenda, at a terrible cost to our society’s general wellbeing. Tanzania chose the path of independence, and though they paid a price in terms of stagnated economic growth, they got the benefit of a better cohesive society. Some things you see in Kenya/some things we have learnt to live with in kenya are unknown in Tanzania.

How dare you compare Kenya to a shit hole village like TZ

Hawa wajinga wamenichosha na threads za upuzi.

Tz will never catch up with us. Our leadership will improve very soon

Tanzania ain’t isht. Big country full of retards

Kenya can’t be mentioned in the same breath with Tanzania…

Hawa watu wamenichosha na comparison za kijinga

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Their domestic football league is more competitive and attended by more residents than Kenya’s.

At the end of the day what matters is what you have in your bank account/Earn. We have extremely poor Kenyans same as poor Tanzanians.

Uongo. They only have two teams - Simba and Yanga which are only good because of foreign footballers. Sportpesa sponsored a an 8-team (4 from Kenya and 4 from Tz) tournament for three straight years. Guess what? Kenya won all 3 tournaments yet it was hosted twice in Dar and once in Nakuru

No, this is our forum. We shouldn’t have to hide from them here.

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Kenya mna budgets kubwa kubwa, majina kubwa kubwa lakini maisha yenu ni duni. Chakula mnatoa tanzania. Gas ya kupikia mwapitisha namanga kutoka Tanzania. Muziki mwatoa tanzania. Mna nni yenu? Watanzania washaconquer hunger, imebaki poverty na ignorance. Kenya hawajakabiliana na poverty, Hunger, na ignorance. Nini mko nayo tz hawana? Public transport Dar es salaam iko more organized than hapo kwenu Nairobi.