It’s the high time Kenya reintroduced the death penalty.

Today, Saudi Arabia, of course guided by its strict version of the Sharia Law, beheaded two rapists and one murderer.

I am one person who believes that unless we drop these ‘human rights’ facades, our society will still be drenched with murderers, rapists and other beasts. Look: why jail, for life, an idiot convicted of defiling a 3 year old girl? Why waste the tax payer’s money feeding such a demon?

Yes, I am aware that death penalty won’t reduce the levels of crime but I believe that in certain circumstances, the good, old ‘eye for an eye’ law should apply. There are too many murderers, paedophiles and rapists in our midst. It’s the time they also tasted a dose of pain that they inflicted on their victims.

I would propose that once a rapist is convicted, he is automatically entitled to another trial. Once he is convicted in the second trial, then he should just have his genitals sliced off and locked up to bleed until death.

How idiotic can a ‘human rights’ activist be when s/he shamelessly shouts that a beast that rapes a 2 year old girl should have his ‘human rights’ protected???

And whenever Kenyans capture a rapist or a robber in action, there should be no mercy: just painfully kill the demon.

haven’t you heard of reform, everybody should get an opportunity to reform.

paedophiles deserve the worst form of punishment, i agree

Of late rape and defilement cases has been on the rise.

Eeh bana… Even goats are not safe

When it comes to matter of life nobody has any right whatsoever to decide who lives or dies.

Death penalty has been there but they convicted don’t get hanged… Wamekaa kamiti for eternity