It rained worms in China. Repent.


Very easy to explain. Sometimes it even rains fish…

Very easy, they ware sucked up by a cyclone.

Very easy to explain , those are aliens which emerged from a wormhole.

A typical bonobo would run to the church. Meanwhile a meteorologist with a degree will be like “yup, seen that several times!”

Hii ikifanyika huku Bonobostan itakuwa headline news for a week with indepth interviews with pastors and other charlatans…

Hi freyja

worms ni chakula huko china

Unamsalimia ili,punguza utambi na matako kwanza

Thicwo kagui gaka

Kina @cortedivoire wa chaina walinyamba minyoo kwa jumla ?

C’mon guys…that is not a rainworm. Why is it raining on one lane only ?


Fake chieth clout so that you trend

Those strong winds even suck up fish from the sea and drop them inland. An ignorant person will think it’s raining fish

Dust can’t reach or be held by the clouds leave alone the worms. I’ve never seen brown rain water.

These must be seeds/ flowers/ twigs from some rare tree species.

Who told you this ? Ulrich, Adam or you read it from the book: Eine Reise Durch die Zeite.