It only happens in Africa during Derbies

Sasa shida ya wa afrika huwa nini?

Aftermath of the mashemeji derby
In England, where football originated huwezi ona Derby kama ya Man u vs Arsenal ending this way.

Oh my! Those derbys should be played far away from civilization where those pieces of shit hooligans cannot access

And this stadium was recently upgraded. Kuna Wakati Kasarani ili sema hawa tali any more KPL matches kwa stadium yao

The problem is the management keeps issuing half hearted bans which they later rescind with no consequences to the clubs thus fans feel emboldened to keep causing the damages.

Man u vs Arsenal is no derby

No offence but Luos seem to thrive in chaos. Even something like sports which is supposed to be fun lazima chaos inaingilia somewhere. Jana town kelele tu utadhani ni vita walikuwa wanaenda and as a result the sport does not grow. Who in his right mind will now want to go to a Gormahia game after witnessing such umeffi and the violent aftermath? Such behaviours should be shunned by the sports association.

We have far much more worse football hooligans in Europe than you could imagine, hii ya Gor Mahia na mashemeji is just child’s play

I watch the EPL and the only time i have seen some kind of hooliganism is last season during a westham match. The fans were tired of their team losing but hawakupigana or kuvunja vitu kama hii ya mashemeji

Ingia Europe na south America ndio utajua what derbies are and mean to the fans. Hakuna difference na gor mawe fans

Look at another one. SMH

He must have grown up in an area where they defecated in the bush.

:D:D:D spot on

I guess you don’t know who actually started the chaos, redirect your blame to the right people

Boss, naona uko na upungufu fulani. Get your facts right

ingia youtube utafte documentary za vice 'football hooliganism" uache porojo…Europe leads na hii upussy ya football hooliganism chieth

Actually, most of the destruction was caused by AFC Leopards fans, but I won’t stop you if you want to hate on Luos.

Stupid chingwe fans.
Not justifying it but those who think soccer hooliganism doesn’t exist elsewhere are not true soccer fans…it’s far worse in European and South American local derbies …trust me, it’s bad…worse than your typical political rally violence…hata hapa Africa don’t be caught up in a Soweto derby

It was a derby back in the late 90s and early 2000s’ when United and Arsenal were the only clubs fighting for the title.This was before oil money when the likes of man city and Chelsea were mid table clubs.

A derby is not necessarily a rivalry between neighboring clubs from the same city.Teams from different cities/regions can have derbies due to historical league rivalries.e.g Barcelona vs Madrid,the biggest derby in world football.Also Man united vs Liverpool is still considered a derby today because these two are the most successful clubs in England.

Unasema ULTRAS ama?

Shallow minded people from the lake side