It neva gets better with Arung

Esther Arunga finally
revealed what might have
led Quincy Timberlake to
kill their son. The current
news about this case is that
Quincy Timberlake is still
behind prison bars in
Australia and fortunately for
Esther she was finally
released under bail.
After investigations of the
child’s body the Australian
authorities revealed that
the boy was strangled to
death with a metal object
but the couple’s story was
very different. They claimed
that the boy fell down the
stairs while playing with his
2 yr old sibling in their
home.According to the
Australian police
investigations, Esther and
Timberlake killed their son
intentionally and it was not
accidental. They both had a
motive to kill the son.
Esther Arunga confessed to
the Australian police that
her husband Quincy had
become violent and he kept
on insisting that the child
was not his because he had
been born outside wedlock.
She added by saying that
Quincy Timberlake was not
the biological father of that
Esther said she got
pregnant when she was still
in the Finger of God Church,
in Runda Nairobi. The
church was very popular
with wife swapping and s3xy
orgies and she admitted to
have participated in some
of them.
She revealed to the police
that she was raped by the
Church’s Pastor, Omondi
Onyango (Pastor Joseph
Hellon) and married Quincy
while in her 6 month
pregnancy carrying Hellon’s
child. She explained that he
never even wore a condom
while raping her and that’s
how she became pregnant.
In the process of killing the
boy, Quincy always linked
Joseph Hellon to the dead
boy and at times to Wilson
Malaba who was Esther
Arunga’s Fiancée before
Hellon Prophesied that
Quincy was chosen by God
as Esther’s husband.
That’s the sad truth of
Esther Arunga’s story.