IT Interns Needed

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:eek: World class+multinational+gmail account
all the best applicants


Wanafunzi wa JKUAT?

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Scammer detected!

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There’s a method to the madness, you cannot expose corporate email all and sundry. If you’ve ever seen it anywhere then share your story. If this doesn’t apply to you stop trolling. This thread isn’t for banter, there’s a time and thread for that. Peace


This pettiness should have a patron saint. Save your friends and kin from this scam.

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Hope it’s true and correct information. …wacha nikague hiyo email. Vinjana wanangoja saana

So they should send their applications to you, then you’ll forward them to “your institution?”
What do you get in return?
What happened to canvassing?
An organization as serious as the one you are trying to portray will be more concerned about canvassing than giving out an email address which is meant to be public anyway?

Let me think about it . I’m serious on this.

Terentereeneeenn…Recruiting hackers and form 34A’s data entry staff!

That must be USIU they run an excellent ICT internship program. Why give a parody account?

If you’re past internship stage of your career or life, with all due respect don’t troll just for the 2 seconds of relevance. Let those who need the opportunity take it up. @bubudui , you’re now accusing me of canvassing. Wewe ni wale mnaovaa kanga zenye onyo kali kwa wanaowapokonya waume zenu, pamba za hedhi wavaa zipi? Ongeza hii kwenye collection yako, mwanamke mbishi wewe.

I have severally raised a red flag here that you are a scammer,con artist and trickster extraordinaire.Why invite applications to your private email account yet you purport this to be a Parastatal internship program?The valid email for this opening should be [SIZE=6][email protected] [SIZE=3]as aptly clarified by @jona.[/SIZE][/SIZE]

Wacha wizi my friend. You know we know that this is crap!!

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This mouraythee guy is a born con artist.