It has come to This

Is this the 16th Century all over again



He also sees ‘miti ikikimbia nyuma’ while in a vehicle…


Vile jina yake imesema hapo … akili imejaa pasta



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spaghetti-brain right there; sadly some supposedly “normal” humanoids join in the inane debate. then we blame the colonialists for our underdevelopment yet this is how we are spending our time…


hehehehe this one took the cake


@Ingia I saw you discuss about curvature with F.M.C.P,kumbe this is the answer hehehe, to think we drive with the same people on the road scary


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brare bafoon

He was probably just trolling

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True. Hawa ni wale watu hucheza na psychology ya wasee

Pasta Muthee ako na point.
Question Everything!,Know,and just Dont Believe. If it Doesnt make sense to you it Most probably is Non-sense! - (Mhenga @Ka-Buda mwezi na mfumo wa baridi mwaka wa 2015 tangu kupaa Binguni kwa Yesu Kristo)

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heheh…Kuna watu wa flat earth society hapa. Ati someone claiming he hasnt seen earths curvature anywhere from ground level. And am not talking about a ten year old or even a 20 year old.

Hio ya moon is debatable…everything else is horse manure


illiteracy is dangerous

ndiposa twasema punguza mihadarati ndugu.

Hehehehehe. No wonder people follow pastors like sheep.

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Exponential foolishness never ceases to amaze!

that would be a better explanation

Scientists found proof of a spherical earth long ago. The nigga has no proof. Am sure he’d have added that if you reach the horizon you’ll drop into an abyss.