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My siz runs a cyber in the estate and a has a stable net…i live in the same estate thou abit far lik a 700 mtrs away.I wanted to share her net to my huz whea i use a modem and you all knu the stress over modems…
My quiz is wht gadgets do i require inorder to share,she uses a Nanostation m5 radio.

700m is quite a long way. I dont know how you can get a signal that far without use of wifi expanders or pulling a cable (and even at that distance im sure there will be some degredation in signal strength).


Mimi am good at softwares. Hardware thingys are not my cup of tea. Vile @nairobilay amesema 700 ni far kiasi boss. Kama wewe si heavy user na zuku iko area u can get their 1mbps ni cheap if u can afford it

@nairobilay …hi, how come u like scary looking avators ?

so the young villagers can fear me my dear…:stuck_out_tongue:
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Kwanza hama ukaribie cyber…

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kuna wifi signal boosters zinakaa kama small satellite dishes, ikiwa uko kwa line of sight zinaweza kusaidia

What’s your budget?

Kasa hakuna zuku internet only their television connections

Wht do i have to budget for,and am asking for a solution.Tujue gadgets/ procedure ni gani ,then the budget

700m is a kilometer and your siz cyber needs a transmiter for you to access net of which its damn expensive. you will need an antena, radio and a switch.

700m is long, the signal strength gets reduced due to noise and attenuation, so the first thing is to move near where you sister then come I show you the next step.

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You need to invest in some good equipment…just asking how much you are willing to spend? ama money aint an issue for you?

check these guys out…

Boss hio nawza kwambia tu uinstall fiber where you will need a fiber patchpanel at both ends kwako na kwa cyber ya siz yako coz that distance only fiber cable can handle the traffic (Cost Check) Naona umeambiwa uhamie karibu na hiyo cyber: ungekuwa ulisha hama ukiuliza what next sio kushinda ukitrend hapa na haupati solution

Nakama naishi kwangu?

Get a wireless repeater…I have a friend who uses it since he stays near his work place

options ni mingi kama vile umeelezwa hapo juu
wifi booster, repeater, cable etc

pesa ndio wahitaji

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Hahaha this reminded me of a joke that made us concentrate on software dev more than hardware. It went like this:

Q: how many programmers does it take to change a light bulb?

A: none, that’s a hardware problem"

The best option ni kuvuta na cable. 700 meters is a long distance and the signals if there will be any will be poor