It cost us less than Kshs 100,000 to build this goat house for 300 Goats!


Mchwa ya huko hainanga appetite Msakhullu?

Iko na appetite mbaya, but we used dawa ya mchwa when erecting the poles. We’ll also take advantage of vile mbuzi huwa always restless and on the move they will be shaking the fence very often.

I have bn following this guy for minute… this something I would like to do in the future… good to young Kenyans doing the same.

In my video you can see I have constructed the house to his specifications. I wanna replicate this in Kitui. Dude does it practically and he now has way over 2000 goats!

“…like to do in future” is the worst thing you can say.

I have maximum respect to farmers and I believe that it is one of the most noble professions out there. I used to be a chicken farmer 11 years ago nikiwa ocha. Hiyo ya mbuzi that’s good business.

Huko kwenu hakuna leopard ama fisi?

I have ongoing projects i need focus on them … this will need some love and care for it grow… but shamba iko 3 acres juja Farm.

On structures I am more inclined to build something like this…

That’s encouraging! We must feed this Nation!

:D:D:D…We are very lucky hakuna. The closest we come to predators is Rabid dogs.

Good stuff!

At a low cost???

Long term the price will make sense…

mtu huuza wapi mbuzi?


Cash ama nikusumbuana tu?

Shule zenye wanafanya goat eating