Issac mwaura

There is this Albino man called Mwaura or something, he has been nominated by Jubilee to represent the disabled people in society. Let me give you some biological insights about albinism, it is a condition caused by lack of Melanin, a dark brown to black pigment occurring in the hair, skin, and iris of the eye in people and animals. This Melanin content is highest in black people and lowest in caucasoids, that is why Wazungus are yellowish. A man with a low content of melanin should not call himself disabled, a man who can seriously fuck his wife to give birth to triplets is normal.

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Cheza chini mseh !!!

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Just wondering, did you just realize that he is not disabled? because the last time I checked he represented Naswa in the same capacity in the last parliament.


who said zeru zeru is a disabled condition huyo msee ako form and he is further nominated goooossssshhh


i see everyone is getting the GIF fever now…:smiley:

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A deaf man can fuck too you asshole your argument is invalid shithead


But none has ever so seriously f**k his wife to give birth to triplets.

Pia huyu ni albino mweusi… Disability juu tint iko imbalanced [ATTACH=full]121971[/ATTACH]


Not every one got the Truck fever you know :D:p

Wacha upuss kathee and stop this discrimination against disabled people, I have worked with many disabled people of all kind and most of them are more resourceful and hardworking than able bodied people


very funny

I would be seriously concerned if you got the truck fever…seriously.:p:D:D:D

this is all @screwplus 's fault. he started it. but i like how he kept it consistent despite the sweeps he used to receive.

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this guy was created from makaa ama nini??:mad:

Clever :D:D:D