Israel on refugees

Tens of thousands of Africans who fled misery at home for safety in Israel are living in limbo, fearing deportation though some have lived in the country for more than a decade.


Those Ashkenazi forget their ancestors were resettled there from Europe.

If you ever have to move to a foreign land to look for greener pastures you have to work extremely hard and save a lot and invest back home. Dubai based Kenyans are a very clever juu wale najua wamenunua viwanja Ruai na Kitengela wanajijengea nyumba polepole. Life in Nairobi kama hulipi Kodi si mbaya sana na kamshahara ka thao 20 kanafikisha threshold unless kama wewe si mkevi :eek:

Tru dat.najua manzi ako huko Dubz salo 30k anaangusha rental za mabati mdogo mdogo

That’s Israel for you. Don’t think those Palestinians are the only ones suffering . Israelis are inhuman, but again Africans make Africans suffer , why go into people’s countries ?
Because some stupid politicians are selfish and made life so difficult that their people opt to suffer as immigrants .

The main issue is the nature of African refugees in Israel.
90% of African refugees in Israel are from Eritrea and Sudan.
For the case of the latter, the country is not at war per se, but they are fleeing millitary conscription. Israel allows them to stay but they have to renew their visas every 1-3 months.
For the Sudanese, Israel has made it clear that
1.Allowing Sudanese refugees to stay is essentially allowing a Trojan horse into the city. Sudan is an enemy of Israel. Who wants a similar situation to the one in Europe right now?
2.There is no civil war that spans the entire Sudan, just in Darfur. Darfurians do not face any violence when they move to other parts of Sudan.


What about the Ethiopians? They are as unwelcome.