Israel nuclear capability missiles

Daktari @rexxsimba is always right when he teaches you all about geopolitics. One Jericho 3 can burn the whole of Yurope. Hamas wawache mchezo @hakimoto

But they are loosing badly in Gaza.

Its not about the amunation but the BALLZ of soldiers.

Hamas soldiers, Armed only with knives, are butchering Israel to oblivion.

Cheap Home made rockets are still reaching tel aviv.

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Russia has the largest cache of nuclear weapons but Ukraine is beating their ass.

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One Delilah can blow up the whole of Gaza but we don’t want that.

Blow up gaza the whole Israel suffers too.
They can only use this on north Korea

A famous myth out of Hollywood Rambo Movies …
The fact is , there are no outstanding terrorists on this planet …

And for the following reasons :-

  • The bulk of them are simpletons , religious fanatics or borderline mental cases who respond to orders with blind obedience.
    They are all just a lot of noise and bravado.
    ( the Houthi’s are a good example - great a fighting Saudi Merceneries and their own citizens ).
    They are incapable of strategic , logical thinking and don’t react well when confronted with battlefield challenges or situations that call for innovation.

  • They badly lack physical and mental fitness , miltary skills , discipline and moral guard rails.
    Example :-
    When SEAL Team 6 entered Osama Bin Laden’s compound , they were focused on a clear objective.
    The Bodyguard , Son and one of his wives , who were arrmed and got in the way were the only victims.
    On the other hand , you saw the clips of the behavior of Hamas on 07th October 2023 …

  • A lot of myths and bluster surrounds all terrorists.
    People often forget that the vast majority of them are either thugs ( Wagnar Jailbirds ) or religious fanatics ( Hamas and ISIS , IS , Taliban , Al Shabaab , Boko Haram and Hezbollah ) .

Where almost the entire World has gone wrong is HOW you handle and contain these animals

Conventional military engagements don’t work well against them
Over years , Israel and a few other nations jave developed the perfect strategy.
Terrorize the Terrorists
Put the Fear of GOD in them …
Unleash kick ass , no prisoners taken , special shock units like MOSSAD , SEAL Team 6 , SAS and GSG 9 on them

Israel does not need Nuclear Missiles to deal with any Terrorists.
Neither does anyone else.

Boss … the Houthis, for the first time in recorded human history, have effectively been able to enforce a naval blockade without having a navy or a naval fleet to support the blockade. It was previously thought, you needed a huge and expensive navy… to enforce a naval blockade but guess what, the Houthis have proved otherwise. The repercussions of this reality, is something world naval powers are not happy about. Their myth got busted. Apparently… any Tom, Dick and Harry can enforce a naval blockade. And you talk of Houthis as incapable of strategic planning and thinking. Bro … get off ur high horses …


Vita ni biashara. If you don’t see it any other way shinda hapo tu ukingojea nuclear armageddon.

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Nothing Somali Pirates were not doing way before them …
Anyone ( even You ) can board a unarmed commercial vessel …
All you need is a speed boat and grappling hooks …
Let’s see the Houthis try that on one of the 28 Naval Coalition Ships …

These clowns you are so full of praises for can’t even feed and clothe their starving population …
Just empty War slogans , Iranian supplied Drones and speed boats …

The only thing preventing them being carpet bombed into the Stone Age is that , like Hamas , they are deeply embedded with Yemeni civilians …

President Joseph Biden does not need another Gaza on an Election Year …:blush:

Boot lickers like you get fucked hard by Imperialists as you lick they asses

Piracy and Naval blockade are two very separate things. The Houthis effected a Naval blockade of global proportions. Doesn’t matter whether you acknowledged it or not … it’s a fact. So much so, that world naval superpower are exceedingly worried about the ease and simplicity it took for them Houthis to disrupt a major global shipping route.