israel and palestine

They are all just history repeating itself from early settlement of Ur.Abram moved from there caanan(current israel).On his way there he got two sons Isaac and his elder brother Ishmael.while Israelites are growing in numbers as God fulfilled his promises to Abraham so does his elder son Ishmael sons philistines. whom share the promise of Canaan through their father.that’s why they were the only people and nation to defeat Israel till this date whom are called the Palestine’s.



So you believe that oral tradition as truth? Which other peoples in the world did God promise something?

either you read wrong or you’re just misguided. they both don’t share the promise of Canaan. that was for Israel. the rest walisettle hapo outskirts.

Abram was told to leave Ur for the land that he will given-Canaan.He was told I will multiply your descendants not necessarily from the house of Sarah but also from Haggai whom gave him first born was for Abraham descendants. philistines were always strong as their brothers Israelites and each others threat

ok, you are wrong and you are mistaken. completely. go re-read the whole of genesis. pick a good KJV 1611 and read it. his descendant of promise which was Isaac and Jacob. hence the reason Hagar was told to disappear. jump to the book of Galatians and we are told that the son of promise cannot share inheritance with the son of the law.
soma vizuri chiito

What are you arguing about now? Just know your history leave what conmen called missionaries brought to benefit themselves.

True. Even esau was given mount seir I think it is the current Jordan and oman. It is there in the book of deuteronomy they also conquered the land earlier than the jews. God told Abraham that he will make Ishmael a great nation he gave them a separate piece of land away from Canaan. That land also was not to be invaded by the Israelites when reporting back from Egypt.