isp to block content pirated from multichoice

multi choice vs ISPs

ISP told to block all sites streaming content pirated from multi choice contents.

They should use their dishes for internet .
Waongee na Elon musk

Umeffi ruling, considering ISP is not a police service and has no power to adjudicate where or how users use its service…

So dstv wants the internet patrolled:Dmanagement are such airheads

halafu judge anakubali umeffi kama hiyo… the onus is on dstv to take the offending website to court… not the ISP…

Will they manage?

It’s next to impossible. It’s like deleting ze internet.

Wanataka waskizwe, wajulikane, it is another marketing strategy,




They are wasting their time, kama wakina sky sports, bein etc wameshindwa hao dsthieves ndio watawezana na pirates?

Wild goose chase. They will also have to start decrypting traffic, which is a breach of privacy and probably illegal.

Excercise in futility kicks of a dying horse. DStv will go down faster than Nokia.

They block 144, another 244 come up.
By the way has anyone subscribed to Showmax/Telkom deal?

Mimi walitumia survey ya hio kitu. Nikawapasha am not a fan of sitting down and watching telly.

This has just set me forward three years asande sana

sandi sana omwami… acha nidigitize na niweke hii kwa vault…

hizo links hapo ni za kitambo. i doubt there are still working. Kuna mpya everyday, plus there are links that pop up during the match and die after fulltime. its very hard to stop them.

total sportek is up and running. I have been using it for theast two months to stream football. I even used it yesterday to stream the Bayern-Atletico match.