Isn't this dangerous

Why do Kenyan leaders insist on carrying firearms around despite massive security detail. These things can go off at any point. I don’t think Putin walks around strapped. He lives that to his security detail. IMO it’s dangerous to be personally strapped especially when you interact so closely with the public and your full attention is focused on them and not gun safety measures.

Hapa hakuna kitu.

Unakumbuka kabila aliuliwa na body guard wake.

If it’s real then I don’t blame him. How would you feel if you found out your home, office, phones are all bugged? You’ll be looking over your shoulder all the time knowing every move you make is being watched. And remember you’re not an ordinary man, you’re someone very high up the food chain. Would you trust your security detail or staff even if they were all handpicked from your village? Arap Singh must be as paranoid now as Saitoti was after the poisoning attempt. But we all know that caution didn’t pay off in the end.

Well, here opinions can be very divided, because each person has a certain motivation about this. But I want to say on my own behalf that this situation seems to me not the most correct. Because it can definitely lead to the fact that weapons are used more and more often and this can lead to an increase in the number of accidents and unrest, because it is difficult to control and this can lead to unpredictable consequences. It seems to me that everything needs to be thought out well so that this decision does not really violate social stability. Any decision has certain consequences. But even if the decision is positive, people still need to remember about the responsibility received.

It must be remembered that there have been many cases of weapons legalization in history that did not lead to any negative consequences.
Here the whole question and all the difficulty lies precisely in the legislation, which should regulate this at all levels. For example, I think it is important that every person who owns a gun has a mental health change, and laws should spell out all cases when the use of a gun is justified.
Every stage and every step must remain under control.
Only in this case everything will be in perfect order.
You should not be afraid of this, but it is worth treating it in an organized and consistent way so that everything works out as it should.