Isnt it ironic?

Naskia zikiitiwa “post covid” tax changes, lakini hii curfew bado inaendelea except for SGR?

Waren’t those tax cuts put in place to cushion businesses and Kenyans from the effects of curfew to their businesses and jobs?

Anyway, niko hapa kuwashow happy new year wadauz!

If those cushions continue as they are, the damage will be worse.
Tax collection deficits will have to be covered through expensive internal borrowing.

Happy New Year to you too bruh. Word: Covid is real, new strain in town. Sisi twaelekea lockdown tier 5. Mambo ni bieed. Economy partly shut.

Tax irudi normal and life irudi normal…if Covid-19 strikes hard we introduce lock down.

Presently, we have discriminatory opening of the economy. SGR open and with no social distancing. Imagine travelling for 5hrs face to face with strangers, eating snacks and drinking along the way.

Schools have opened and we know very well it will not be possible to achieve social distancing measures.

Let also the businesses operate 24hrs watu wapate ya school fees and taxes.

I thought they would be sensitive to businesses too, atleast i would have expected the curfew to be extended to 11 or midnight

But huko the gavament is taking care of you guys, mko in good hands

1 China virus
2 British virus
3 South African virus…
4 Where next?
These little shits are hell bent on self preservation…
[SIZE=2]They don’t care how brave you are…[/SIZE]

Hiyo curfew ni kama ngeta…
You can’t work. And if you do, they(Police) take what little you have made for the day.

Gava is doing that coz we have a social welfare system. But bars, pubs, gyms, salons, restaurants, all non essential biznas are closed and this is not good either. Others have lost their jobs. The welfare support is capped unlike when you are making your own huge amounts of money. Meanwhile, schools are re-opening on the 18th a week later than scheduled so there lies the contradiction. We take our kids to school and interact with other parents at the gates and on our way there as we commute!!!. They say kids are not hit by this virus but what about the teachers and parents/carers? This whole thing is a mess for world leaders too. And now the vaccine quagmire is on us. Hiyo, I am not having kwa sasa.
But yes I do get your point kapsaaa. Uhuru should re-open the economy fully for a while. Kenya’s numbers are v good.

Tanzania huko biz imeshika vizuri, and i know several guys who went for holiday in Zanzibar, na wanasema hawakuona corona huko ata kuskia

Those corona tax incentives failed completely. An example is that you are losing 1000 and government incentive is 50 Bob. How was that helping? The curfew means less business hours and less output. The losses associated with that is a lot. What we saw was mass sacking and closure of businesses.

Lastly the incentives at the banking sector were a joke. You reduce cash reserves requirements to free up 50-100 billion cash reserves. The intention was bank to loan out that cash to businesses. However government comes back and borrows the entire amount from the same banks leaving business again to their own devises.

Lastly after getting all this loans at home and abroad you don’t pay counties and all its workers for months. Its just being a series of mistakes after mistakes. The moment we went under curfew government should have introduced stiff austerity that is strongly implemented and enforced.

Kwani hii gavament haitaki hii corona to affect SGR, ndege lakini inaffect mnyonge wa matatu?

If you guys think you are sick and tired…then always think about us. I have given up…one thing I have noticed is Africa is v blessed. There is something there somewhere. BoJo opened the lockdown in the summer and the Brits misbehaved as much as they could. No care in the world. The numbers surged. Now here we are with tighter lockdowns. Uhuru should try it for a while and see. Else sijui anafikiria school fees inatoka wapi and he has not waived it. They ate the money.

Bora msifunge Epl

Mwananchi’s ball’s are in a vise…
Mwenyenchi’s ball’s are being massaged…

It was locked for a while and players were playing to empty stadiums. Now, they allow a limited number of fans because of the sitting arrangements. Tier 5 is yet to be unveiled tonight by BoJo and Nicola Sturgeon Scotland’s 1st PM. 58, 784 new cases announced yesterday. This is staggering. I have just read that schools might not re-open after all! so the EPL pales in comparison…hmmmmm.
Anyways bruh enuff gloom and doom from this side of the world.
All I can say is hold on to your money whatever you earn. It is going to get rockier.

The elites of this country do not care what the poor go through. After all, they have in their hands all the essential services and products: maji, stima, phone usage, mkate, sukari, maziwa, fuel, education, textile, health…whatever it is you can think of, it’s in their hands. They are getting their desired outcomes anyway.

That’s why they cannot think of reversing the curfews.

Watoto saa hii wanarudi shule,in two weeks warudishwe ju covid imeshikwa na nyege so inatomba watu kuruka, saa hio fees ishalipwa. Gava hailipi waalimu ni schoolfees italipa

Social distancing in schools and face masks is a joke, Kenya has 3rd world leaders at the helm focused on re-election and playing santa with government money.
KANU and its minions are a dark curse upon the land

Corona is there but not fatal as advertised. 31st tulikesha kwa club tukiwa full, zero social distancing, and music was loud and some of the ravellers were police.