ISIS To Obama: 'We Will Cut Off Your Head In The White House'

ISIS militants have threatened to behead Obama in the White House in a video released on Jan. 26. hawa majamaa hawananga mchezo but such a claim is virtually impossible, hata wakataka hawawezi.

nothing is impossible

Umeona homeland? :stuck_out_tongue:

It might be possible, i remember this incident where obama got into an elevator with a man with a gun, if the guy wanted angemlipua and that would be another story.

@ol monk series google it.

In order for them to do that they’d need a muslim to radicalise enough to do that coz I’m not sure KKK would put some religion ahead of their own country. I’m sure those secret service guys are vetted top to bottom, inside out and everything about them is known. With the way those guys are paranoid about the security of PotUS would they let someone who’s at risk of being radicalised near their orezzo?

Some were fired for entertaining themselves with Colombian ‘wildlife’, the director forced to retire coz media exaggerated stories bout an armed security guard in an elevator and a guy who jumped over white house fence.