Isaac Mwaura destroys and Shame Jubilee govt badly

He has good points. But the problem with these politicians, today they are here, tomorrow they are there.

I don’t trust this mwaura, he joins the list of spies who are eyes and ears of handcheque teams. That said the droves of leaders joining Hustler movement is for self preservation but sorry its not enough. 2022 will be a clean slate and 99% of leaders will go home. They have realized if you don’t support Hustler then unajiongelesha kwa ground. We welcome all but it needs some great effort to stay on elected leadership

He’s a Tumbocrat.

True, but hustler nation must draw some lines. people like kanini kega, sabina, kang’ata should be banned from joining. The hardcore kieleweke should remain in their lanes and observe as hustler nation takes over.

Hawa wamejichomea picha kwa ground so much that only Christ can save them. Even DP Uncle Ruto can’t get them reelected by campaigning for them. On grassroots leadership Hustler has taken a back seat to allow leaders contest positions, parties and votes. Kila MTU ajipange, then we unite in one alliance and go for primaries. This is no longer a secret. That’s why Mwangi Kiunjuri Service Party, Moses Kuria PEP and Muthama UDA are all up are running.

Leo nakubaliana na wewe. Ruto should use his popularity to help his party come up with popular, reliable and loyal aspirants especially hawa wa mount kenya. Kenya’s economy will make it very difficult to satisfy them and a majority will likely turn against him during his first term…he needs very reliable footsoldiers sio vigeugeu kama mwaura…mwaura and kuria are spies

Ata wakihama, ground ndio itaamua

Uhuru should have known about this fool when he nominated him. he did the same shiet to ODM.

ndio huwa unaambiwa ukinyanganya mtu bibi just expect huyo dem akutoke pia

But Tangatanga led by Ruto are part of the jubilee mess. Waache unafiki

Mwaura anatafuta sympathy nomination card, he can’t win any election including the post of village iddler. So the need to align himself and pull the albino card ,ghaseer ya mtu sana.

I wouldn’t either, he lacks depth

Mungiki is just one of the 42 tribes.