Is your child spoilt?

Spoilt children are barely liked by others, yet it’s unfair to reject a spoilt child because it’s not her fault. No child is born spoilt, nor does she make herself spoilt. Parents and often grandparents foment spoiling for reasons including:
A desire to give their children everything possible, Compensation for difficult childhood, It is easier to say ‘yes’ than to say ‘no’ to a child, They were spoilt by their parents when they were children, She is the only child in the family.
Spoilt children only think of themselves, do not share and take turns and are insensitive to other people’s feelings. These traits can continue into adulthood.
Who is spoilt among talkers? Are there talkers spoiling their progeny?

There’s one prominent attention-seeking whiner in the village who was definitely spoilt as a child…mama’s boy!


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mimi sikutaja mtu…

This is gold.


There is another one who joined the village yesterday and is already graduated to a villager, nasijasema ni yule mujamaa wa kujibu kila comment kwa listing yake

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Narcissim is very bad. Intolerable. Am seeing it in many teenagers. They have gone overboard with groups in facebook and whatsapp where all they do is post pics of themselves in a thousand different poses and try to outdo each other with “coolness” in their talking. I have some that always reinclude me in their childish group not matter how many times I exit. I guess they have the urge to make the group “cool” by including an adult or two. So I have a spectator status there. Thats a baaad symptom. In the groups, no one is really paying attention to opinion or feelings of the others. Its all about self exhibition(even boys). How do we even expect to have functional families in future if this is what people have become?