Is Waiguru the best performing CS

This female has no corruption scandal and refuses to be intimidated by those MPs who come from areas where women must be subservient and act dumb. She landed on Atwoli and crushed him when he tried to protect ghost workers in the government payroll. (Atwoli was against civil servant count). She caught 12,000 of them.
It’s embarrassing how she can be mentioned in the same breath as Ole Lenku who failed spectacularly and many Kenyans died because of his cluelessness

Waiguru ako juu

did you see any ghost worker fired?some people know how to steal i.e Nicholas Biwott aka Total Man no paper trail.

Don’t believe everything you read/hear in the media.
juu ya nini?

Same thing I wanted to ask. Yuko juu ya nani?

Hahaha baada ya kazi she can do whatever or whoever she wants

Stop discussing my cousin.


Do you have to be so crude? Besides where is the evidence other than idle speculation?

Mimi sijui

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bro wangu hajui

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kwenda leta mbisha / sketch ama illustration ya waiguru landing on atwoli and crushing him

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UK government has not performed as most people would like to believe we are still where kibaki left us in fact going a few step back in some sectors

How do you fire a ghost.You simply remove the names from the payroll.Or you expected the ghost workers to hold a demonstration against the stopping of their pay?Duh!


huyu mama si bibi ya mukubwa? That mp confessed that he was told that she is untouchable.

were you expecting to see any ghosts being fired on tv?

In the first place they are ghosts. Ha ha ha ha

:D:D:D lol