Is Trump wavering?

I think he’s sending a wrong message against the aggressors. He needs to hit Iran hard or they might take these inconsistencies for weakness. The drone attack should have been the last red line they crossed. Economic sanctions are not enough. Iran is incrementally raising the stakes until the final hit which is Israel. What is he going to do now? Russia is already in Syria trying to regain the Golan Heights and assist Iran in making headway there…

@patco, your thoughts?
President Trump appeared to be softening toward Iran. He had broken with his administration’s leading advocate of confrontation, signaled a willingness to meet personally with his Iranian counterpart, and reportedly considered relaxing some sanctions.

But Iran, American officials say, responded with violence. The officials have accused Iran of orchestrating or even launching a major attack on Saturday against critical Saudi Arabian oil installations, jolting international energy markets and humiliating a key American ally.

But the slap-the-other-cheek tactic is hardly surprising, Iranian scholars say. Tehran, they said, has concluded that its recent aggressions have effectively strengthened its leverage with the West and in the region. And despite his occasional outburst of threats, Mr. Trump is deeply reluctant to risk an open-ended military confrontation in the Middle East that would endanger world oil supplies in the middle of a re-election campaign.

“Iranian hard-liners consider Trump’s inconsistency to be weakness,” said Ali Ansari, a professor of Iranian history at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. For Iranian hard-liners, he said, “their policy of ‘maximum resistance’ is working.”

Mr. Trump has imposed punishing sanctions that Iranian leaders call “economic warfare,” but he has already demonstrated his aversion to using military force.

American officials concluded that Iranian forces sabotaged a handful of oil tankers near the Strait of Hormuz in May and June, and shot down an American surveillance drone in June. Mr. Trump initially ordered a wave of American airstrikes in retaliation for the downing of the drone, but he called it off at the last moment.


You guys don’t know Trump. America is scared shit of another war. America likes bullying weak countries but wets it’s pants in the presence of strong countries. Continue waiting for Trump to do something. Meanwhile Saudi Arabia wamekunja mkia, they have learnt a lesson that buying billions of dollars worth of worthless junk from America will not prevent you from being whooped in the ass by a weaker army.

If you still read and believe the anti Trump propaganda spewed from the new York times, I feel sorry for you.

Trump needs no war, American soldiers should be heading home, let others fight their own wars.


:D:D:D:D:D:D:D trust me …an attack in iran will most likely be the cause of WW3… which offcourse will end within 4 days max.

World geopolitics in our age and Americas position in the worlds economic system means that this is not an option.

Americas massive wealth is dependent on maintaining its current hedgemonic position.

For example, America is the only country that has almost a blank check to print its local currency (dollars) on a massive scale without causing inflation in its own country because of the massive demand for American dorrars. It is used in all major transactions world wide.

Therefore, the idea that America will “leave saudi arabia to fight its own wars” is impossible to fathom since the saudis are a major plank in defending their hedgemonic position.

No one wants war. Most of us want to see our children grow up, but when dealing with suicidal maniacs like Iran, sitting on the fence is never an option.

Iran will NOT back down until they have accomplished their goal to annihilate Israel. They just won’t. There’s no peace resolution or anything really that can change their mindset.

I think Trump made a mistake to get rid of Dr. Bolton. Israel will be invaded by Iran and Russia and America will do nothing about it. Very sad.

Instead of liking my comment i would prefer a verbal war. Seeing that you want Trump to bomb Iran back to the stone age, you should be able to defend your position. Read this article it will remove some cobwebs from your brain

The drone attack on the Saudi refinery is no game-changer. But is there a new ‘axis of evil’ in the Middle East? | The Independent | The Independent

Read this article. You need it more than oxygen.

The drone attack on the Saudi refinery is no game-changer. But is there a new ‘axis of evil’ in the Middle East? | The Independent | The Independent

Apartheid Israel that is killing small Palestinian children everyday and stealing their land? Israel is the source of most wars in the middle east.

America and KSA don’t have concrete proof that the attacks were carried out by Iran.Their surveillance systems, satellites and whatever else they have that are permanently monitoring Iran caught nothing.
They were all caught flat footed and all they are engaging now in is just conjecture.

Summary in ur own words plis

Why should we believe the USA or the Saudi’s that Iran was responsible for the attack knowing from history that the United States are the masters of deceit.

Who are the original Palestinians considering that there’s not a single trace of art or literature by any Muslim scholar of a people known as “Palestinians.” In fact the term “Palestinians” never existed prior to 1964, so how can they claim to be the ancient and indigenous ones? Don’t you find that strange? Meanwhile we have thousands of historical artifacts and documents which demonstrate the continual occupation of Jews in Israel from the beginning of time.

Those guys should return to Jordan where they belong.

I thought you are a scholar. Don’t tell me you are too lazy to read a 3 minute article. It is about the Houthi Saudi war from a second perspective not the one that the media is parroting

The United States has identified the exact locations in Iran from which a combination of more than 20 drones and cruise missiles were launched against Saudi oil facilities over the weekend, a senior U.S. official told CBS News national security correspondent David Martin on Tuesday. The official said the locations are in southern Iran, at the northern end of the Persian Gulf.

Saudi Arabia oil attack: U.S. official says attack on Saudi Arabia launched from Iranian soil - CBS News

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Your Draft-dodger in Chief is more interested in filling his hotel rooms and selling cheap MAGA caps made in China.

:D:D:D:D:D:D miss do you think they are that stupid??? israel??? They wont dare…The only people that are allowed to annihilate each other or be annihilated without provoking an allout war are blacks.For the rest …nuclear weapons are on the ready.On the brightside…the main reason why there has been peace since 1945 is those very nuclear weapons.Other wise by now it could be worldwar 15.

The Saudis are lazy spoiled brats who’d shit in their nightdresses at the idea of a real war with Tehran. Drumpf is even more cowardly. His idea of valour is to boast the he shook 1000 hands at the Naval Academy pass-out.

I read the article yes. But I want to know the authors interpretation of b4 we move forward