Is this normal behavior of parents who have lost 2 kids?

I have seen this scenario with some couple we go to church with. The mother could not even stand, after her 12 yo boy was kidnapped. She had to be held to go to the toilet. She could not eat or shower. She was crying 24’7 mpaka she lost her voice. We held prayer vigils at her house and she could not even attend. We had prayer chain to pray every minute of the 24 hour, I’d wake up at 1am to pray for an hour and I did not even know that kid. Lemme tell you, prayers work. Especially prayer chain non stop prayer. This boy knew the kidnappers bcz they were his cousins who have lived with him at their house. So after they got the ransom the plan was to kill the child. They starved him beat him and tried to drown him. They were just keeping him alive to use him to call his parents to hasten their ransom demands being paid. So I don’t understand why these parents are this calm.