Is this name fit for my guka from another mother?

You know the guy. Yule jamaa wa…jijazie.

Now, yesterday as I was driving home an idea struck me. Its time we gave him another name.

Nikafikiria halafu nikapata a brainwave. The guy is a GUKA, or BABU.

But his actions (and looks etc) are no different from a BABOON.



Na supporters msicatch feelings. An old man should be able to take a dig or two. So msiniite Kenyapithecus

Niaje Kenyapithecus[ATTACH=full]6228[/ATTACH]

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Posting a list and being the first to comment, is lik…

…wanking to your image on a mirror.

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Poa poa dadii. Bado uko?

Nigga please! Go ferk a cat or something…

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Ma dick so big , cant fit in.

Hehe, kwani ni mudu wa cownty?

Mwanaume ni kujaribu kufitisha/kuingiza. Naona ushawai jaribu kaka mdogo, ha ha ha ha!

ikikataa kuingia unapaka mate…ala

vyazi imeoza

Kwani anakatooth pick for a D? lol:D


Birds of a feather

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