Is This Level of Insecurity Normal

Nyeuthi anafungua page na kulipa dollars kwa facebook apewe adspace ndio atangaze ati ako na kijana boyfriend, ata si bwana. Is it normal to be this insecure hadi unafungua page watu wajuange vyenye mko?


She’s protecting her territory bwana, look at her and look at him. That’s her peak which could be very easily snatched away.


Look at the brand on the different pictures ujue kuna marketing happening.

She’ll never do better than that and she knows this… So its only logical to advertise to the entire world that she got her hypergamous ideal in a man… She made it.

She knows after this man, it will be downhill… So ni muhimu dunia yote ijue before he wakes up from this pussy stupor he’s currently experiencing

Who are these people? I’ve never heard of them.

Broadcasting a relationship on social media rarely ends well.

Hey Purple, have a boyfriend?

You want him? Sorry I cannot share with you.

I wanna be a side nigga baby.

:D:D Ouch!

Ktalk matters aside , I hope you and your family are doing okay out there.

:D:D Niiice. Maliza hizi ujinga.

Is it me or does she resemble Carol Radull?

Kuna kasichana nimeficha pahali.She fucks easy and I know there are better fuckers out there.