Is this guy overreacting or what?

This fuckers are trigger happy whenever the see black ppl having a good time.

Blacks in USA has a habit of causing drama when facing cops. They aren’t humble. They try to act as if they know better. Kwanza wakiwa wengi wanakuwanga na ufala sana. Hadi unahurumia polisi. They don’t understand something so fucken simple. That a cop is always right. Be calm, let the cop feel like he is in charge. There is a good chance atakuacha tu uende. Ukileta ujanja utakula risasi.

I thought all the guy had to do was to identify himself! Kitu rahisi biashara kidogo! Sasa huyo akija hapa atapelekana vipi na tusichana twa mpesa? Uko Na aydee?

Sikatai some cops are racists fools but niggas US have a certain problem.

Black guy has every legitimate reasons to be afraid. With senseless shootings going around he has every right to be afraid.
But the nigga is talking too much. Should be a rap artist or something

These pigs will kill you for no reason, absolutely none. These black guys overreact sometimes, but they’re justified in being cagey around cops. Look at this one stopping a black man for “making direct eye contact”, what the fuck does that even mean? The smartphone has exposed the ingrained racism in the police force, that’s why the first thing black people do when stopped is to start recording.

He’s not overreacting, he’s adapted to the situation and learned his rights. I bet you people in the comment think that these white people standing for their rights are not overreacting? Would it have been a black man running like that he would have gotten shot:

Is the black gentleman right in what he is saying. Yes he is. Are the officers wrong in what they did. The answer is no. There are laws pertaining to suspicious activity. Now do you have to give the officers your ID? You are required to when asked. But you can plead your 5th. Pleading your fifth means to refuse to answer a question on the grounds that you might incriminate yourself. So he has a right to remain silent. And that effectively ends the interrogation.
In my opinion, ultimately its a judge who determines if the black gentleman is on the wrong. So personally, I wouldnt plead my case with the officers. I ask them to take me to court if I have done any wrong. 99% chance they wont. But its nice of him to put them on social media.

I have seen both sides of this thing. That right there is discrimination. You cant approach someone in his home and claim that he doesnt look like he lives there or that you need to investigate. what do you need to investigate? The policeman has no clue about their laws or when to probe and when to keep off.

Again, there are some so called sovereign citizens who hang around a high security installation, say a military base, correctional facility, police station, oil refinery, an airport etc carrying a big ass camera filming the gate and the fence and the cars and people going in and out. When they are confronted and asked who they are they start going on about amendments or race. they might even hurl some insults at officers to get some drama on camera. I think their law criminalizes refusal to provide identity in such situations. they later post these videos online for views. tragicomedy.

But these people in these countries are having it easy that there is even a chance of debate about anything with the police. they dont know how good they have it.

Not in this situation! A cop can’t just walk up to my property (without a search warrant) and ask me to identify myself. Hell no!! I really don’t understand why some of you are talking negatively about the black guy- he’s well within his rights to say everything he has said. He’s raising his voice for several reasons, one being that he’s upset that the cop trespassed on his property and accused him of being suspicious. Secondly, he wants to attract more attention and get more of his neighbors on his side. Lastly, he’s doing what cops do- yell and scream to intimidate. His voice is the only defense he has (and he’s used it pretty good!!).
For a cop to enter without warrant, they must observe a crime in progress (if the guy was breaking the door/windows or something of sort). Other than that, all the cop had to do was say ‘sorry’ and walk away. The longer he stays there the dumber he looks and sounds, and the situation could escalate real fast.

Those police officers are dead inside i could see it in their eyes.

I googled and saw that only half of the states have the Stop and ID law.
Black people have found a way of pushing back on police brutality and racism. They record each and every move they make. Without the phone camera these 2 black people would probably be dead after 5 minutes

Would he have been black he would have chewed several copper metals.

These videos are usually very clear that there exists 2 sets of rules. One for black men and one for white men. But ignorant people here never see that

walipata nigga akiwa high as an eagle…ole wao…you hear me!

Always bitching like their fellow biatches

But si to use your words, black child amenyayaswa? Isnt anything they do including even killing these cops justified then? Double standards much? Its ok for boyshaod to hit a woman over the head with a hammer because boyshaud amenyayaswa and so the stupid bitch deserves it but when a black man who has endured slavery,massacre, segregation in unmaintained run down ghettos ,racial discrimination/profiling and police brutality and killings should not stand up to a white policeman who is bullying him because hiyo ni ufala and we should hurumia polisi. Ive never met a retarded human person like you.You are just an ignorant idiot is what you are.BLOCKED.

Is this really a stop and ID situation? Looks like they have a probable cause resulting from a suspicious activity ? Stop and ID (frisk) used to exist in NYC. It’s how Giuliani cleaned up the city. In the 90s, it was a horrible city.