Is this for real? First class honours but jobless?

Kwanza course ya uzito kama actuarial science? Whatis?
Wasomi na wajuaji wa kijiji, I thought these fuckers who get first class honours in actuarial science get jobs with kina KPMG, PWC na Delloitte even before graduating?? Ama they become junior lecturers or get scholarships for further studies abroad?? So what the fuck’s going on here?

In 2019, bado unashtukia degree?

Manze si wewe ni lowlife

…but then again, wewe ni African and I shouldn’t be surprised at all

Education and being smart are mutually exclusive. I wouldn’t hire a guy like this.

Jamaa hayuko serious, ati anataka job cytton , CBK , PWC

Naona kuna mahali kwa kichwa yake nut zimeachana



Maisha inaeza kalia jamaa vibaya tu. Mungu amsaidie.

Lakini if you are washing cars it is very difficult to cut into the corporate world. Making friends with people who understand your language, and even trying to push into the feild where you expect to work when you are still in school is important. A guy in acturial science must look it. There are things that hit you the first time you meet someone…how you are dressed, how you sit, how fast you talk (or how slowly you talk), your gaze, even how you smell. This guy is in a bad place and seems to be moving very fast towards a worse place. Something needs to happen to rekindle his passion for his dream.

The likes of KPMG, PWC and other audit firms do not, as a matter of neccesity, require qualification in a given field. They hire people with basic skills then train them. You find engineers who have a background in accounting, financial management or auditing working for these firms. My point is a degree in actual science does not confer an individual any competitive advantage. Still, don’t forget that Actuarial science graduates get competition from graduates in the several programs in statistics and mathematics in general. The Barcherlo’s in Actuarial science has frustrated many!

But I just assumed getting first class honours exposes you to so many opportunities. Halafu all the lecturers who taught this guy, none of them have tried helping him? Even as a university, how do you feel knowing someone who graduated with such credentials washes cars? Something doesn’t add up here.

Meanwhile, the D’s and E’s and busy setting up businesses which will bring serious money and allow them to employ this 1st class graduate.

But there are many other “first class honours”.

Opportunities will never, ever come knocking at your door like mana from heaven. You have to do what it takes to seek them. Networking, dressing for success, being at the right place at the right time etc.

Someone should have picked up on this guy and mentored him. Some people do not know how to cross over from humble settings to a bigger life. Those who grew up in 3 bedroom house, their expectation in life pushes them in that direction. Those who have a destitute and unprivileged (or underprivileged) circumstances have to learn how to become privileged. And people around you can instinctively tell what you are. That is why I would say this guy needs a mentor, fast. He should be living in a better place, eating better, showering better, dressing better for a month or two before he starts projecting the confidence and image a career acturial science commands.

Yesterday, I attended an event where young Rotaract members were installing new officials. They are 1st. to 4th. years, already honing their networking skills, learning leadership and networking with mentors. They will go straight into jobs that fit them, meanwhile those falsely thinking that swotting and honours are everything are preparing for a life of lugging manila envelopes.

This guy is only book-smart. Anatafuta job Deloitte na PWC?? Si huko nilidhani mostly huchukua auditors na CFA’s. I think he would have better luck if he applied for a job in the many insurance companies. Kama masomo haikunipiga chenga, actuarial scientists forte hukuwa insurance juu ya risk assessment. If you have specialized in Actuarial Science, the obvious application ni insurance companies ukikosa then you try other areas of finance. The fact that he probably ignored insurance companies is worrying.

Independent? Yes. Mutually exclusive? No.

Halafu some of these first class honours do not stranslate to capability. I have a friend of mine who, to date, has never completed his degree yet he works for Google in the USA. What sets him apart? Capability and ability to innovate. The guy who had a first class honours in his class is jobless! So, skills first.

Bill Gates, Zukubugger an Steve Jobs dropped out.

The boy was two years behind me in highschool and we were in the same dorm. A very bright chap he is. Life can humble you.

They are not constrained in the Insurance industry alone. Although the insurance industry absorbs the most. They are well cut out for jobs in research companies, banks and many other industries that require a “mathematical input”

Correct. Skills matter. Not papers

He sounds like he’s always had a rough life. Nyinyi alumni hamuezi saidia mmoja wenu jameni?