Is this art

Came across this kid he’s seeking my help to pursue art as career ,I this he’s got it…ama munaonaje?[ATTACH=full]6417[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]6417[/ATTACH]


Dreams are valid


mwambie achore uhuruto apeleke statehouse uone

Yap he’s got talent. If he is seeking help, then he has passion for art. He should do more practice and also learn to do shading on his drawings. How old is he / she?

He’s in fom2

If he refines his talent the sky is the limit

At that level i was in class 2 or 3 primo. It has taken him long to discover his talent. Its never too late though. Artistic talent is just like a mine deposit, it will always be there. Encourage him to produce more work constantly

Encouraging him by maybe buying some of his work

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His work is quite mediocre at the moment. not to say he cant get better, but its nothing special at the moment. He can at the very least draw a straight line.

Hehehe…someone once told me I couldn’t draw when I was in class 5. They even laughed at my attempts at the time. When I went home for the holidays, I asked my parents to get me a drawing book (the plain paper type) and colouring pencils. Then I befriended the class artist, one Abubakar Githinji and began to copy whatever he drew. In two years time, I’d perfected it enough to be able to draw it on my own. Suffice it to say that indeed, practice makes perfect. The talent stays with me todate.

kajanaa ako juu mwambie aendelee atakua fiti with time

kajanaa ako juu mwambie aendelee atakua fiti with time

he has talent

Akienda BIFA ataivishwa he is definitely an artist.