Is these LOVE or SCAM?

okay,it happens that I have a 4th year cousin of mine who’s been dating a certain shawty for amost a year and three months now. Ironically she’s now in form four and pure virgin. She refused to fvck him until she’s done with high school. They really love each other and often when she’s around they spend quality time and go out together. He recently asked me for advice cz this girl recently asked him if he’ll take her to Mombasa after school and he’s getting suspicious now that things won’t work out after high school. Any advice given here ill just sent him the link to figure out by himself cz he really into this girl and he’s invested a lot. When he told me about their love journey i felt she’s a Kunguru in the making and she’s very beautiful yellow yellow Passaris kando Kyuks … saidieni boy child asi-committe suicide on a later date.

Hii ni sawa na kulipia githeri ilhali mahindi yenyewe bado hayajapandwa shambani. Mwambie rafiki yako ataelimika na aelimishe wengine.

after high school atakuwa 18?..under age huwa ni live wire legally



Do you know that you not stated the problem in your statement!

same story different script. Kuna wanaume hulipia hata school fees na kanyau hawataona hata through a transparent paper bag. Your cousin must also be quite young. Let him learn the ropes. Akipigishwa L na mrembo he should treat it as an experience-gathering mishap. It may save him from further anguish when he is older. He needs such lessons as early as possible.

yes cz there is no problem for now … just being sure to staff on the safe side

Mtu anafika hadi 4th year uni with an endless supply of ready pussy but kazi ni bado kukimbizana na watoto wa high school. Mwambie apigwe miti.

but i don’t want him to go through all that … atleast no from a pure high schooler , kungurus with experience is understandable

he’ll definitely see this … hahaha

But how will his naivety be vanquished? A true thoroughbred Kunguru may rip his heart out and bite off his head if he does not shed his naivety with upcoming kungurus.

should i advise him to call it quit perhaps

How old are you?

huyo cuzo wako should stop chasing underage kids cos naona ashakula L

pedophile alert!!!

Sema tu ni wewe, hii mambo ya asking for a friend tuliwacha 2012…

Tell your cousin mwanamke hutombwa akili kwanza…

mambo ya love hainaga advice. memories and lessons

early t

Early thatee

anasema ni true love … boy child under siege