Is there something wrong with the intellect of the black man?

Let there be no doubt: the black man is the most disrespected, slighted and despised species in this world. It’s for this reason that blacks generally suffer from collective inferiority complex especially within the context of white-black interactions.

A black woman in Kenya will readily get married to a paedophilic poor white bum at the expense of a decent well off black person. Skin bleaching agents are hot sellers amongst black women who believe a lighter skin is akin to more beauty. A Kenyan in his own country cannot get away with stuff that a white foreigner will get away with. A white man who cannot pronounce correctly a village in Muranga is considered ‘cool’. A black Kenyan who cannot pronounce Illinois properly is considered ‘backward’.

These seemingly trivial anecdotes speak volumes about just why the black man is, frankly, the scum of the earth. Africans seem to seriously suffer from self-loathing and self hate to an extent that anything black, anything African made is considered primitive.

The so called beauty pageants use white standards to judge the ‘beauty’ of African women. So, the cute short plump Ciru will never be called beautiful. Today in Nairobi, speaking with an irritating American accent is considered a sign of ‘sophistication’ hence our radio presenters outdo each other trying to sound like Americans.

Let me tell you something: Today, if FGM was practised widely in the US, many learned Kenyan women would be practicing it as it would be a sign of ‘coolness’

Really, black Africans only succeed in proving to the rest of the world just how idiotic they are. Yes, I have no apologies to make. Unlike Asians who steal western technologies but retain their identities, black Africans steal white culture and become mental slaves of the white man.

When will the black man realise that the white man is no friend of the black man? When will the black man stop forcing himself to be liked by the white man?

I always suspect there is something wrong with our intellects. It seems black Africans are not suited for the challenges of modernity

Consider this example: Take the driest part of Turkana and divide it into two. Let 2000 whites occupy one part and 2000 blacks occupy the other. Give them 10 million dollars to develop their respective areas. In 10 years, the whites will be ahead of the blacks. Reason? I wont tell you the answer because you know it.


Enyewe hapo umeongea

Nowadays u make alot of sense… Saludos…@ karl marx


^^^ But at least he has seen something in our society now somebody else can offer a solution.

Old news…these things have been happening all the time…have been spoken about for soo long nothing has or will change in the near future…if you @ karl marx have just realised now about this umechelewa sana

@karl marx, your nick is a German celebrity - needless to mention that he was a white man.

I’m a bit surprised that you are using the name of a white as your nick.

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