Is there any married lady who is enjoying her new year?

Hii ndio kuolewa my sisters ndio ukae nyumbani, upike,ukae njaa ukingoja mtu ako kwa slay queen, uoshe dirty drawers and keep calling your husband until akuzimie simu. Pressure itawaua. Si you got wifed up, the elusive ring, tulia kwa nyumba, pika, kula, nenepa and pray for God to kill your husband’s mpango wa kando. LOL. It’s not a honeymoon camp. That’s why you get a big wedding ya kukukaribisha slave plantation. You people expect too too much from these men. I can’t be caught dead losing sleep over any man unless amenizaa ama amenizaa. Marriage is not a jail please, we kama huwezi jipa raha mwenyewe usiharibie bwana starehe zake ukishinda kumupigia simu ati ako wapi, are you his mother or his probation officer. Accept your position as a glorified slave, wakati wako ulipita sasa wewe ni Mama wa nyumba.

BTW ask any man I have ever asked him where he was. Hata ukiniambia umeenda out, I am like enjoy yourself and then I sleep like a baby. Wakuenda aende. All I need is me, myself and I. I don’t have energy for such nonsense. Women need to grow up. Kwanzaa FYI the less you bother with a man the more he invests in you. Men don’t want you to chase after them even if you are married. Never forget that you are the asset in that house. He should secure you not the other way around. I don’t know why modern women are always taking the man’s role. Please ladies can we rest in the Lord and cease from all this drama with the new year. Mwanaume akienda kwa slay queen withdraw sex. Hata utoke kwa hizo Family Planning drugs you are on at the risk of cancer. Simple. Remind him disease zimejaa huko nje and you have your kids to think about. If you don’t value your life and health a man can not respect you coz he won’t understand what risks he’s putting you in and the sacrifice you make for him including cancer to please him sexually when 95% of the time hata hujui orgasm ni nini. Even in animal kingdom females are the prize not males. Wake up and smell the coffee ladies.


Hi gals,aki this son of a woman ananiacha kwa nyumba aty ameitiwa pombe ju ni 1st na siezimkataza,a lady calls him aende ampick and he tells me “am going to drop my friend kaparty flani hajui uko then I come” from 9pm I called him ,no answer,second tym ,mteja,what should I do,naskia kumtapika,hii si n madharau

You focus on the downside of marriages way too much. The happy wives will hardly shout from the rooftops ati oh look at how happy I am for what gain?. They just get on with the program… content in whatever situation they are in.
I know quite a number of happy marriages.

Yes I don’t know why…her posts are so discouraging especially for young lads like me who are looking forward to tying the knot after seeing how happy my parents have been in their union-so inspiring

Hiyo mharo hapo juu siezi soma,not good for my head right now. Trufena tuma contact ya your former rich husband we negotiate how he can rescue you from the abyss of bitterness.

Kama sasa my feet are aching and it is 10:30 in the morn. Been ‘slaving’ by the oven for my folk who are in bed playing PS games but it is my joy to sit down for lunch later and watch them enjoy my food. Only I know what they all mean to me. I will never die alone.
Pls go ahead and try it when you meet the right person and ask God for guidance as it is a cruel world out here.

Its not me focusing. Imagine what you would think if in nearly all women groups including thriving couples the stories are the same. Nothing but complaints. Even during a happy occasion like this when a woman should be on top of the world. Do you know that I have had to discontinue my friendships with some of you people, married people coz I am tired of hearing complaints. Yaani nothing but misery, they see you, they feel like you don’t have a care in the world so let them offload some on you. It’s like they regret but are trapped with no escape. From my assessment watu wanavumiliana tuu. Anyway my point was that you should be chasing and keeping tabs on your dreams, not your husband. I have adviced my married friends and those who followed my stellar advice are very happy now. With no time to waste on this nonsense of preoccupation with a man 24’7 until his head becomes big.

How do you know you will never die alone? If you get covid God forbid it, you will. You are always alone. Born alone. Die alone. If you are slaving alone at the oven so that you will not die alone, your motives are just as selfish as those who don’t want to be enslaved by marriage. I thought over there people help each other since hakuna house helps like here. I don’t think it’s fare to have been on your feet until you are exhausted so early in the day especially a day like today when people are nursing hangovers. Your boys need a good example of how to treat women. Not to play PS in bed while you slave away at the oven. That’s the way they will expect to be waited on hand and foot, which is not fair to the women. Anyway, what do I know, carry on.

You missed my point by a million miles. Way off the mark mama. The point was I am happy doing what I am doing. That slaving is in inverted comas for a reason:D. My Hubs does his bit I do mine. All I was trying to say is that not all marriages are a misery as you paint here. I am happy, others I know are happy. Marriage to the right person is wonderful. My boys are young… way too young to get your doctrine.
Their father treats me well and hope they inherit this legacy. By him playing those games with them means childcare and in a man’s world which I don’t belong. Lanes mama Lanes in this game. When they are older, they are welcome to the kitchen.

You and I can never agree on this topic since we are on different stratospheres.

Great advice @Finest wine

What @TrumanCapote needs to realize is that there are different types of marriages in the current modern world. You choose which one you want. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages, and duties you play.

You also choose your type of patner whom you rhyme with. If you have modern views of life then you choose a modern patner.

@Finest wine You are one wise mama thanks for being here

If you are new here, be careful that we are not told we are one and the same person. Mimi hucheka sana when I read that ka-buda and I are the same person. Just coz we reside in the UK. He is a man I am a woman. V shallow.


I know how to keep to my lane. Trust me. I don’t burden people with endless griping over situations I either can’t change or won’t change. I sit, I think, I either divest emotionally or I get out. If you are happy that is you. All I get from married people including complete strangers is complaining, complaining and more complaining. These people can give you a phobia for marriage and men altogether. Personally I don’t understand what kind of duress would make me start sobbing to a complete stranger about my troubles. I have been through hard times but I never felt so alone that I had to break down in front of a stranger. Btw this thing of breaking down happened with 2 lady taxi drivers that made me question if women are safe driving when under pressure. Anyway my point is that I wish married folk would keep their problems to themselves. I’m tired of hearing it. I once asked a married friend why they don’t confide and get advice from their fellow married folk. She told me that they are competitive with one another so if you tell your dirty laundry you will get looked down on and gossiped about. So I asked why me and they say I know what I tell you won’t get out there. How phony is that? You want to front to your fellow married friends how great you are doing when in reality you are just miserable. I mean it’s tragic. Personally I don’t confide in people bcz it breeds emotional dependency and I like to be autonomous. So lucky you but in my experience married women especially are not really happy they’re living lives of quiet desperation and are just resigned to their fate.

One time we went to visit a colleagues wife in hospital, the lady unleashed all her marital problems until she no longer looked ill, she didn’t know any of us from a can of paint, all she knew was that we were his colleagues. Wah. Ati the husband has slept with all her friends, Sijui he locks her in the bedroom then goes to fuck the maid. We never visited her again in hospital… Anyway kila mtu apambane na hali yake. You people should help out each other after all yall have a very condescending attitude to single people but when you are down it’s always us you turn to for help. Personally nimechoka kuskia mashida zenu. Hata kama It’s too much bwana.

Ningejua Mpesa yako, walahi ningetuma ya new year.
Happy new year with your boys and their great Dad.

Pia mm mazee

I did not mean lanes for you and me. I meant lanes huku kwangu. That is how a marriage works. Kila mtu na shughuli then we meet somewhere in the middle. In my married women small tight sacco we do not gossip about each other to what gain? and if someone is in shit.s we sympathise and commiserate. The people I hear about… are them women talking about single women who ‘want’ to snatch their hubbies. Once again …inverted comas.

You and I cannot agree on this topic. We are happy. Forexabo what my hubs does for this household is something I cannot deliver. Pls not all marriages are doom.
You are encouraging our young men and women (No women on this forum, most left) to never ever get married meaning there is no difference between you and MGTOW. Wewe ni WGTOW.:smiley:

Tuma tuu. I need it.

Best of luck explaining relationships to her.

Don’t associate me with that evil homosexual cult please. Your husbands are the one disturbing us. You can not do business with a married man because of unwanted advances.I had to tell enough women that I don’t want to deal with their husbands. It is so bad that in the building I work in, I have 2 lawyers who are my neighbors but I pretend not to know them to avoid familiarity. When on business trip married men misbehaving like teenagers who have never seen women.

All I can say is that you are the lucky few. Thank God daily for your good fortune.

Can’t relate