Is there any hope?

Guys have posted a lot of bad experiences with women…mostly men because the ladies here, except for a very few, are very cowardly (Yes I have said it, mtadoo?)

So in light of this, is there any success story with these women ama all is lost?..and for the ladies…well, just start by saying if you are single, seriously dating or married (Happily or unhappily)

not all hope is lost mine is working and smoothly

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Bad experiences are woman’s deepest secrets that don’t and never will include you. Trust me, Women only talks of the things that makes them happy…n get Physically emotional on the things they don’t want to talk about…:wink: so be careful what you wish for.


Most ladies here are single mothers or ugly obese women who come here to quell their huzuni…e.g javino


I have seen her and she is one hot chic, the others I am yet to set my eyes on them, anyway let me not derail the post

Me nataka kulamba @Unicorn nyap

Yaani tuseme utalamba a mythical creature

Aki ya mungu hiyo nikishika [ATTACH=full]5378[/ATTACH]


ni coomer unadai nn mbleina? ati kusifu dame ndo akutolee orwaro

hiyo sio tactic yangu, she is a good friend

Come slowly mimi sio @Supu don. Just crawl out of my ass already.


hahaha @ol monk umefanya nini hapo


@The.Black.Templar pole for derailing your post. Would like to hear success stories from men too. The negativity towards women is too much in this site.


tell the story, how did you meet and what’s so good about her?

Uncalled for…

enda ukamuombe hukooooo===================================>>>

niki ndeka meni…some times its good to let the dogs bark…

The fact that you two are not here venting about your failed relationships means it must be working for you.Either that or you are single and afraid or have not met the right person yet.
I think its only 10 or so people here who really open up about their real life situations and their experiences can never be used as a benchmark for the other 900 KTalkers who remain passive or who just comment and question the stories of the 10 “honest” people.
I have to assume that everything is rosy and smooth in the relationships of the 900 ama they are suffering in silence.
Why dont you @Unicorn and @The.Black.Templar tell us your stories?
Sometimes i wonder why people are afraid to tell their stories,ama people here know each other on a personal level?

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Sijui amefanya nini hapo.

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Tafuta mschana bwana…this post should be dedicated to you kwanza