is there a time.......

a man had to wait for woman to be on heat to climb?

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Walai leo.ever heard of ovulation? Ndio hio lakini we don’t use heat on our ladies. Another virgin have landed.

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Another virgin “has” landed

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where are these wormheads coming from?

Must be something in the kanjo water…:smiley:

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After kunyesha is the best time.

Have you ever found men sniffing women to find out who’s on heat, the way he-goats and dogs do?Funda!

it feels good to feel the madness intact.
the more things change the more they remain the same.

Youre just another Half-wit monkey

Kisungu ni kigumu …lakini tufumiliane…

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Ongea tu osungu.

kwani shule zimeanza strikes? Kuna watoi wengi sana leo

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weee kwanza umefanya village exam?!?

What do you think is the fish smell for. Thats why even when women wash their clothes and they are on the line they will still smell fish when you pass by. And that gives you a boner. However, humans are built to copulate regurlarly not occassionally. Whenever you smell fish, thats when.


Hahaaa, kweli this is klost reloaded!!

THE FUCK?:eek:

Year bruh. Go outside find a line with the right clothes and go near them. come here and tell me what the odour reminds you of.