Is there a relationship between that airtel advert ya the guy selling green house na goldenscape greenhouses. We can learn a lot from that advert

The airtel ad is very funny and we can learn a few things with cons, based on that advert
1 the con man is not giving the investor time to think
2 con men wana ku harakisha
3 the investor did not heed to his gut/intuition since some things did not make sense
Now for the business aspect
They should share 75% for the conman since he is doing all the job while the investor 25% since he is not doing anything.
I do like the funny aspects of the ad

Is it on YouTube? I no longer do local TV.

"Sure deo, completry tlansparent."

Inspired by Goldenscape[SIZE=1]TM[/SIZE]

I asked the same thing in that thread of Goldescape[ATTACH=full]291134[/ATTACH]

Hiyo advert huweza sana. Very creative