is the modern christian really genuine?

Am not a church goer so sundays are a day for reflecting, staying home and planning for the week ahead. Today after meeting some friends and asking them what they parted with in church today (jokingly not to appear too much into their business) they were utterly clueless. Sadaka tu ndio walitoa jameni. Kind of felt sorry.

Modern christians wanaokoka kuomoka. The bible verse most are acquainted with is ‘lemmi first seek the kingdom of God then treasures will cum my way.’ I dropped jaws when i heard a faithful say quote; “mi nimechoka kuskia story za watu wanaokoka alafu wanatajirika. ata mimi wacha niingie kanisa sasa nikue serious” You can be an atheist or an agnostic but wealthier than that staunch christian.

God will NEVER make an individual rich/wealthy just because they are saved, read the bible or do his will, which most dont even understand what it entails.

Personally ive read the whole Bible (Genesis to Revelation), also the whole Qur’an (Al-Fatiha to Al Naas) due to interest in reading books and those are the two main books which have and are still influencing lives to-date; but not anticipating any kuomoka like Mathew told us the other day in chapter 6:33

The reasons why most people go to church nowadays:

  1. To fit in the modern social order
  2. To hide their dirty real selves.
  3. To popularize themselves to the masses especially for politicians and those aspiring to enter into politics.
  4. Peer pressure from friends and relatives.
  5. To appear cool.
  6. Religious brainwashing since they want to have a religious figurehead (pastor) who will be praying for them.
  7. Launder their corruptly acquired money.
    NB: However, I still believe there’s a 10% of church goers who are deep down genuinely good and godly and for whom the grace of God still lingers within us.

You’ve forgotten the fear people are subjected to by our preachers of having your soul tormented in eternal lake of fire in hell; okoka na utende wema ama utachomeka jehanamu !:slight_smile:

This should fit in the point I raised about brainwashing

  1. Those who believe that going to church and being prayed for by ‘prophets’ is a shortcut to financial prosperity

Modern christianity is commercialised religion the preacher ako sure Sunday mpaka atapata kakaitu…kwanza this big churches niliona ingine a while back nikipitia Kisumu Citam Church pretty sure ilicost more than 500mill

Kukuwa mkristo sio mchezo nani. No sooner are you registered in the book of life than you become target numero uno of the battalion from hell. Remember the story of Job. Job suffered unprecedented calamity for catching the attention of Satan bcz he was a righteous man. Christianity sio utajiri wala makuu yote yaliomo duniani humu. Christianity is the greatest love story in all humanity.

No Christian will ever tell you that they got saved bcz they were afraid of hell. None. Everyone who had a personal encounter with the Lord will tell you that His love undid them, Jesus love broke their hardened heart to pieces so small they could fit in the eye of a needle.

Remember Saul on the road to Damascus. Did Jesus tell him, you better surrender or you are going to hell? Jesus asked Saul softly and tenderly, Saul why do you persecute Me? Hell isn’t just the fire and brimstone. The real Hell you should be very afraid of is eternal separation from God. Now that will be real hell. We, shinda hapo ukiangalia watu wengine vile Wana fanya, kesho Corona ikushike, ufe, ukose mbinguni, your conscience is bothering you for a good reason, maybe your time is almost but wewe instead of working out your salvation with fear and trembling, uko busy una analyse how those going to church are no better than you. You can not be here trying to explain to us why you are not going to church as if we asked you, it’s conscience you should be feeding these your stories of reading Koran. Mbona hukusoma Bagavand Guitar? My fren chunga sana, taking Jesus for granted bcz of what other people are doing. Kama umekataa kuenda kanisa, that’s your own shauri, Sijui wale walienda church na sadaka walitoa, where it’s coming in. You are just looking for crutches bcz your conscience is bothering you. Relationship yako na Mungu sio communal activity na hakuna kanisa itapeleka mtu mbinguni, it’s your personal relationship with God. So we shinda hapo ukitoa wengine makosa, utashanga ukipata waliingia mbinguni na wewe ukakosa.

FYI if you want to be loaded seriously go to a false religion or sell your soul to the devil by assisting him destroy lives, like drinking, drugs, prostitution and gambling among others.

Its very easy to point fingers at others. This is why I don’t criticise Prophet Owuor and others. I have never been a pastor to understand how hard or easy it is, so lemme criticise myself and a few others of my league. There’s a reason why Christians say, Jesus is my PERSONAL Savior coz it’s a personal relationship. Your relationship with God should not be affected adversely by what other Christians are doing or not doing. I have been in Christian committees with people who have very questionable character but I did not lower my standards bcz of them. Coz as the song says kila mtu atauchukua mzigo wake mwenyewe.

If you allow a hypocrite to stand between you and God, that hypocrite is still closer to God than you. Tafakari hayo.

Africans sisi ni morons. Enter any town in Kenya and the biggest edifices you will see are churches and mosques instead of factories that can feed clothe and educate the entire town. God is omnipresent hata kwa mkeka yako atakiskiza. Na the preachers are just hustling the poor sheep. Madness

i dnt get u as ive never read the koran dont know even how it looks like

Very true i doubt you will even find Yahweh in those big churches…

It’s not his