Is the CIA a terrorist organization?

From alleged drug smuggling to election meddling, coup planning, assassinations and torture, are the CIA still considered the good guys? @patco @Dyson your thoughts on this?

It’s a public company made to enrich USA ,it’s very profitable for the USA.

Witchdoctor it’s a Monday wacha kusumbua na mambo ya upus.

They created,funded and still maintain terror groups and bonoko governments

The CIA is just trying to expand America’s influence across the world and safeguarding it’s interests. Even Kenya tries to meddle in other countries. You’d be ashamed and even shocked at what we’ve managed to do in east and central Africa

Guys, come on, don’t be pussies!
That is just foreign intelligence service. Their job is to secure national interests of the country they serve to. If Kenyan foreign intelligence is strong and skillful enough, it will do quite the same things as CIA does. DO you really think that any military generals are full of decency and dignity? THey are just the tools to be used in the most terrible ways like killing, massacaring, destroying, blackmailing and so on. That is their job and every country has military people, because it a necessety. CIA is big in scale, I mean that it commits a lot of crimes but other countries’ intelligences commit crimes as well but not as many as CIA not because of the moral principles but because of abilities.