Is the biblical God a genocidal maniac?

Armenia. Cambodia. Rwanda. Bosnia. Darfur. All well-known modern examples of genocide where entire people groups were wiped out (or almost wiped out). These are awful tragedies, worthy of our sorrow and grief.

And yet, ask the critics, is the God of the Bible really any different? When the Israelites entered the land of Canaan, was it not God who commanded them to wipe out all the indigenous people (Deut. 20:17)? Is God not guilty of genocide?

It makes me think of the famous bumper-sticker quote, “The only difference between God and Adolf Hitler is that God is more proficient at genocide.”


Hio story ya giant sticky note imenimalisa


Greek philosopher pondered, if god is willing to prevent evil, but is not able,therefore, he is not all powerful.Can he prevent evil, but feels like meh? Then he wishes to do evil to others. If he is both able and willing? Then from where does this evil come from?"

Most logical response from monotheistic religious folks in leu of the argument is to show how God and evil are two different entities and do not coexist, absolve their gods from any blame for evil, and use a negative hoola baloo and the concept of human nature to explain evil, but given the objective evidence of evil in the world,wars murders,diseases,hate et al, it is improbable that there is an omnipotent, omniscient, and wholly good god methinks

Najua wakiristu hapa will refute, go into defense mode , and most likely vindicate my a$$ of the divine protection given by god in view of the existence of evil. Irris warriris:D

Note that the question of “why does evil exist?” has also been studied in religions that are non-theistic or polytheistic, such as buddhism,hindu and jainism but one thing’s for sure the argument aims to encourage self-skepticism, either by trying to rationalize God’s possible hidden motives, or by trying to explain it as a limitation of “what humans dont know,will not harm them” and off course “the greater good” defense, often argued in religious studies in response to the evidential version of the problem of evil usisahau free will defense which is usually cremé de la cremé in the context of the logical version.

They will tell you that God gave us free will, thats why Hitler commited genocide while God was sleeping.

It is a defence but clearly never makes sense considering every human has evil in them right from birth awaiting its manifestation otherwise there would be no repremanding of babies and toddlers

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]Shouldn’t we be more concerned about kindness and environmental preservation rather than debating on abstract concepts?

Religion is useless superstition, though to some it helps them get through tough times. I believe you should just believe whatever you like but don’t push it down people’s throats.

to avoid headaches kwa hii dunia , just remember that religion was invented by very old bearded men …

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]It’s a useful superstition, liberal views such as yours fail to take into account the feral nature of man.