Is Someone Sabotaging Boeing Planes? Another 777 Makes Emergency Landing In Moscow Due To Engine Problems

MOSCOW (AP) — Russian media reported that a Boeing 777 plane made an emergency landing in Moscow in the early hours of Friday after the pilot reported a problem with the engine.
The Interfax news agency cited an anonymous source saying that the pilot on the flight from Hong Kong to Madrid reported a failure of one of the left engine control channels and requested an emergency landing at the Moscow Sheremetyevo airport.
The plane landed safely and no one was injured, the report said.
Hong Kong’s Civil Aviation Department identified the plane as a B777-300ER operated by Russia’s state-funded Rossiya Airlines for cargo service. The department said there were no passengers aboard the plane.

Earlier this month, a Boeing 777 operated by United Airlines had to make an emergency landing in Denver after one of its engines blew apart, spewing large chunks of wreckage that landed in neighborhoods and sports fields.
The investigation is focusing on a fan blade that appeared to be weakened by wear and tear, a development reminiscent of a fatal failure on board another plane in 2018. The event caused authorities to ground Boeing 777 models that use that engine, the Pratt & Whitney 4000-112.
Hong Kong’s Civil Aviation Department said that, according to information provided by the airline, the plane that landed in Moscow on Friday was not equipped with Pratt & Whitney engines.

Hapa hakuna sabotage ni tamaa Yao. Capitalism in next 15 years will dead and gone. Ile kitu ina wakula is that they put greedy first instead of the customer safety.

Yes: late stage capitalism that says regulations are unnecessary and government has no part to play in ensuring standards for the sake of safety for consumers.

In a word “corporatism”.

Hiyo ndio inakula Boeng na America kwa jumla.

Same way with wallstreets. Kule Reddit wanaona Moshi.

Boeing doesn’t need any external enemies, their own organisational culture and greedy leadership is enough to bring the company crumbling on its own from inside. Long even before the dreamliner’s lithium batteries issues and before the Maxes came down from the skies like falling rocks, there were many of the company’s own staffs coming out to say the company had serious quality issues. There’s even a youtube video I watched sometimes back of an engineering staff saying he can’t fly with his family on Boeing aeroplanes. What we are now seeing are the effects of quality sacrifices that were made about 20 years ago. There will be more planes calling May Day - it’s just a matter of time.

Why sabotage them when they are perfectly doing it by themselves?

This it the 4th plane in Seven Days!!

This time it had GE Engines

Rossiya Airlines Flight 4520 from Hong Kong to Madrid made an emergency landing at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo - A.S. Pushkin International Airport at 4:44 a.m. local time after a problem arose with an engine control sensor. The aircraft, which landed without incident, is a 15-year-old Boeing 777-300ER. It is a cargo carrier equipped with GE90-115B engines made by General Electric Company

Kuna ndege itaanguka very soon

Boeing had started a PR chini ya maji shifting the blame to Pratt and Whitney engines failure.
But now pia their GE engines powered planes are crashing. I almost thought ni GE or SAAB trying to elbow out Pratt and Whitney.
Last year they were blaming it on subpar training of developing countries pilots.
This screams of a company with serious quality control issues.

Boeing doesnt manufacture engines, rolls royce, GE and pratt and whitney do. They just do the airframe which basically means they assemble parts from hundreds of suppliers… quality control from their suppliers seems to be the issue here… plus the 777 is an aging airframe/design which has been quite reliable… I’d blame the airlines for the shoddy maintenance the do to their aircrafts

Nothing crashed. It was a minor electronics malfunction being sensationalised by the media. Must be a slow news week.

Also with the covid lockdowns, perhaps the grounded planes weren’t being maintained like before.

I can sense Putin’s hands all over this.