Is she in the illuminati

The pentagram is a satanic symbol. [ATTACH=full]362203[/ATTACH]

Of course , she’s.

ethiopian flag has a pentagram simillar to that one,is ethiopia a satan nation ama ni kiherehere tu ya watu ?

That symbol is used by satanists.

but is it satanic? The religious symbol Svastika was adopted by he reich and turned to swastika,now it represents evil ,but is it evil? hence my "ama ni kiherehere ya watu’ part

Read codex magica by Texe Marrs you will understand why those symbols are being used

I read it in 2016,but couldn’t finish,too many bible verses yet the author is talking about other religions’ symbols and disparraging them.Marrs sounds too sanctimoniuos for my taste. No offence but I’d rather read from an independent author who’s not biased.
I get your point but couldn’t they be more original or they are umbilically attatched to a spiritual god despite their short comings in evil?

and what do you know about Satanists and Satanism?

The ethiopian one is the star of David how it became associated with satanism idk

Don’t glorify these things

We know you. Adieu.

Satan does not exist, so nothing like illuminati.

hahah idiot. So what if she is a raging satan worshipper who licks the devils asshole for fun. Anakuhusu aje??

Wewe inakaa watu wakifanya shieps standard 1,ulikua umedoze kiasi

This is a star of david

This is a pentagram or pentacle

This is the shashamane flag

Wewe soma bibilia imeandikwa na common man to bind you into submission and continue to be blinded and herded like sheep . They are just symbols akin to your christian cross which is ,to say the least ,quite a unique torture contraption to symbolize faith and let me not start with the snake which you also use

Hehe, yadayadayada. Just continue with those run of the mill arguments, as though you read my mind. Mara run here, run there; read this, read that; God is elsewhere, there’s no devil; satan is good, you’re submissive sheep etc, etc.
The long and short of it, whatever you believe, is that Satan exists as the ultimate spirit of evil, period. What you think doesn’t actually matter, evil is real.
I have zero business with snakes, FYI.
I’ve been around long enough to know anything remotely associated with the devil is evil, no matter how innocent or beautiful it looks.
But hey, go ahead and be bold; explore the occult, utuletee hekaya. I’m not that brave.

upuss ya spirituality ndio inaleta vita na utiaji,watu wakae vile wanataka sio religion getting shoved down people’s throats like deeks. if satan and god exists,well, hoopty hoo so is allah,buddha,shri ram,cow and goat and the rest of the imaginary folks.I aint bold but my eyes are open to see brainwashing at hand.Occult na uganga go hand in hand,none exists ni kiherehere tu ya watu.You speaking from a xtianity point of view shows your naivety of over a bazillion other religions but feel free chief to proclaim your’s is right just like the rest do while i grab my popcorn .Hakuna hekaya ya upuss naleta none of that sheet exists

:DSawa, Mr TombaYaya. Enjoy your popcorn