Is SGR Magic Beginning To Uplift Kenyan Economy?

Naivasha is turning into the next hub of business in Kenya following the completion of the SGR extension to Longonot, expansion of the Nairobi-Nakuru highway among other projects. There is also the Inland Container Depot (ICD) set to provide hundreds if not thousands of job opportunities for Kenyans.
Transport and Infrastructure Cabinet Secretary James Macharia said, “We have a special economic zone that is being planned here and will employ thousands of our youth.”

Investors have also shown interest in the newly gazetted 1,000 acres in Mai Mahiu where the Special Economic Zone will be located.
The gazettement was meant to stop the construction of informal settlements and unplanned structures around the multi-billion shillings Inland Container Depot project.
An image showing the Mai Mahiu SGR terminus

Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui noted that the collection of cargo from the ICD has already boosted business within Mai Mahiu and the surrounding areas, attracting job opportunities in the process.

He also pointed out that the 28-kilometer extension of the new railway line from Mai Mahiu SGR station to Longonot would boost transport services in the area.
“The county is working hand in hand with local investors to ensure they benefit from the 50 acres donated by the government around the industrial park,” added Kinyanjui.


Cargo being offloaded at Naivasha Inland Cargo Port

He also spoke on the plans to duel the Nairobi-Mau Summit road to reduce congestion on the highway. This project is estimated to cost Ksh160 billion and is part of the 175-kilometer upgrade which will start at Rironi, proceed to Nakuru town, and terminate at the Mau Summit.
The Nakuru Governor also said that the county had invited bidders for business proposals on the donated land, saying that local investors will be prioritized.
Also targeting the transport sector in Naivasha is the newly opened Isuzu Kenya service outlet. This move by Isuzu also targets the floriculture and hospitality industries.


Recently, motorists using the Nakuru-Nairobi highway were said to pay toll fees for up to 30 years once its dual upgrade is completed. The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) disclosed that a private investor who was contracted for the project will set up toll stations where motorists will pay for using the road.

Wacha ujinga reports indicate SGR is a total loss haijarudisha even a third of its money

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instead of dueling nairobi msa road these bonobos are talking of Nairobi Nakuru, this country is run by fools of the highest order, NRB-MSA dueling would pay off over 3 times faster

Nilishangaa kufika Naivasha hapo La Belle juzi. All the structures on the opposite side of the road side ya railway have been reduced to rubble.

No, I beg to differ …priority should be the NKR-NRB when you look in terms of the inconveniences and snarl ups on that road. The project is under PPP so ROI is on the investor and not tax payer.

Uhuru Kenyatta. Good job man!

mafala wanafurahishwa na optics tu.

So those who dont want to pay toll, will there be an alternative road to use? remember we still pay fuel levy and under law, toll roads should provide alternatives for non paying travellers

With this gava, expect the worst. Am sure they will stop maintaining Uhuru highway ili we use the expressway. Hio ya Nairobi - Nakuru, itabidi umepitia Nyeri - Nyahururu- Bahati (Nakuru) -Eldama Ravine

SGR ni failed investment kama gava ina fund sgr walikuwa wanaileta ya nini ghaseer

And what are your qualifications again Mr Einstein?

Infrastructure development is not a direct business investment that you expect x returns bro

This highway was badly needed due to traffic volumes na ni kitu they count the cars on the road and model future projections. The road will pay for itself indirectly in many ways. Hard stuff, science, statistics kijana . Hapana hocus-pocus kama ya betting

I don’t expect a random bonobo to understand my reasoning, so hop along bruh… obviously if the leaders of this country knew what they are doing there would be less unemployment, poverty and stupidity… lakini wapi… keep on supporting shit stupid ideas…

Shida you not saying anything bw kasee