Is Safaricom stealing ideas from SME?

"Yesterday, the Industrial Property Tribunal put an injunction on Safaricom from using or advertising MPESA Bill Manager for Businesses until a case filed by Kib Capital Group Limited is heard and determined.

Kibo Capital Limited registered the e-Receipting solution in 2017, presented it as a business idea to Safaricom’s Senior Product Manager for MPESA Ms. Lilian Njuguna the same year. The meetings did not materialize into a contract only for Safaricom to launch a similar product in 2021."

Nyakundi = Esese
siwes click.

Sharks eating smaller fish

Safcon copying Amazon’s game play

Before presenting to them, you sign a document that says they may or may not be working on a similar idea.

You’ll never hear from them again and on follow up they tell you there’s an in-house team that was building the same solution. Takataka

Patented or registered idea?

That’s nature

Huyo mblikimo ni mwizi. There was a time tulikuwa na forum. Kulikuwa na wasee WA safaricom. But the way walikuwa curious asking some questions. Nikajua hawa ni wezi wa ideas. Ilibidii ni nyamaze. Hakuna vile I will give up my intellectual property free of charge.

Mungich pia wewe hukua na ‘intellekchuo ideas?’:D:D:D

Don’t tell me that u discovered ways of whitenning meno brown after spending years imbibing chanģaa?

Tulisoma terms and we opted not to proceed with the discussions. Upus

Jamaa staki Vita leo naomboleza kifo ya Jesus Christ our lord and my saviour.

Mungiki ingia hapo inbwox unichapie hio idea buana. Mayb we can make some good cash for once. Resources za impletenshon niko nazo

Endelea kusiaga kufuli tricircle na kuuza.

Hehehe jinga utakufa maskini @Eng’iti iti hiii

Na ukipiga copyright iyo idea yako b4 uende kwa safcom, bado wataiba

Yani this is how Safcom operates? Hii si ni ku facilitate wizi wa ideas manze

I see some pretentious adverts designed to make us feel good kuwapee pesa nacheka tu

All corporate entities are like ravenous piranhas looking for food. Don’t expect kid gloves treatment