Is Ruto being judged harshly?

Mr Ruto has come under fire for allegedly speaking from both sides of the mouth when it comes to championing the government’s development agenda and appearing to kick off early campaigns for his bid to be the next president of Kenya.

I understand his problem. Uhuru invited Raila without consulting Ruto. I would be angry too because Jubilee is TNA + URP.
So Ruto had no choice but to start campaigning and even after Uhuru told him to stop he pretends to be doing his job but we all know he is campaigning. Again I would do the same thing. What Uhuru should have done is go into the handshake with Ruto.
IMHO Uhuru didn’t want a credible witness when giving away billions of taxpayers money to pay off 1jigi and also leave some for Raila ndio akubali. Ruto can blackmail him in the future of he was witness to it. War on corruption ni wewe! There’s no such thing. It’s PR only

Ruto is persona non grata. Next time he should run for office himself instead of being a beta male.

Ruto ni mwizi number 1

How much is our budget 2019/2020? How much is going to Ruto?

The thief of Sugoi

Kwani pesa hutolewa aje?

Ni uhuru huwa anatoa?

By the way siku hizi Ruto hatoi pesa kwa harambee?

Cna you take this golden opportunity and list the other nine(9) in the top ten list?

Maina Kamanda alikua amebeba one million kutoa kwa Church kutoka kwa Uhuru, matiangi alienda pangani girls na one million akapatia headgirl, lunch kutoka kwa Uhuru. Lakini za Ruto ndo wanaona

I just asked a question

I remember there was a time he used to contribute about 30M every month in harambees

Uhuru and matiangi have never contributed such large sums

Thts only 360 million yearly. SME’s are making more than that yearly, sawa? io ni pesa kidogo kwa mtu kama Ruto. others make more than that yearly and never give out even a single coin.

In one scandal, Waiguru stole over 2 billion, enough to give out one million daily for 5 years, yet she has never given out a single coin.
Ruto stole a small land and build a hotel employing many kenyans, Uhuru’s friends took a loan using kAA title deed and never repaid, and never employed kenyans.

Uhurus relative used 1.5 billion to build a temporary structure at kicc, to be used during a conference, KICC was build for less than a billion.

I would love to see his tax returns then

He should be paying more than saf

How much does Njuguna Mwangi make in dividends yearly? How much does he donate? Its a personal choice. Spiked ako na magari ngapi? Worth how much? How much tax does he pay?
People have money, nyinyi mnaona mtu anadonate one million daily mnaona io ni pesa mingi?

I’m not sure whether to mortified or horrified at the conversation above.

You do know all the above are crooks right?

so you are the credible witness?:D:D:D:D:D

stop tossing numbers around like confetti at a wedding…

How else did 1jigi get appeased? We know Raila that never uses his money