Is PSG considering selling Neymar?

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[SIZE=7]PSG ready to sell Neymar if a substantial offer is made.[/SIZE]

Neymar’s future in Paris has taken a significant turn following Nasser Al-Khelaifi’s increasing desire to put a price tag on his star man.
The Brazil forward is currently sidelined by injury, which has forced him to miss the Copa America, while Kylian Mbappe has also been surrounded by speculation.
L’Equipe claim that Paris Saint-Germain would be prepared to sell Neymar for a substantial offer, which they call an “XXL offer.”
It follows a controversial and surprising interview from Al-Khelaifi with France Football.
“The players are going to have to assume their responsibilities even more than before,” Al-Khelaifi had explained
"It has to be completely different. They will have to do more, work more. They are not here to have fun.
"And if they don’t agree with this point of view, the doors are open. Ciao!
“I no longer want to have superstar behaviour.”
While he did not name any players specifically, the French press are adamant that his comments were targeted at Neymar after he has taken up more headlines off the pitch than on it in recent months.
[SIZE=5]Mbappe fuels the rumour mill[/SIZE]
Fellow forward Mbappe has also been linked with a move away and continued to drive speculation with a mysterious Instagram story reading, “Soon.”


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Wacha watoke farmers league. Go to Spain or Italy.

That useless baby needs to leave. Alienda PSG alafu akaanza kuwadharau. Auzwe atembee.

No one will be willing to fork over 200 million Euros for a movie actor like Neymar

Brazilian footballers are known for lavish lifestyle and partying. Its very few of them who are humbled and disciplined. Neymar case is too much money, living in a party city like Paris and playing in a league that has no real competition week in week out. He is even on Instagram looking for ladies. Him being spoilt make him very undisciplined. How many times has he reported to training suffering from hangover? He moves with an entourage and grabs the wrong headlines.

PSG is just another retirement club with the CL as the only draw for the season. Mbappe realized unlike Neymar he has not succeeded on a personal level to claim that stardom. It will not be won in PSG. He has won everything in Paris except continental trophies. Yes world cup is in the bag but sooner or later he needs to move to Spain or England to reach a higher level. However it needs an investment of +£200 million for each and PSG need to sell to even consider either to leave. With UEFA, FIFA hitting Man City, PSG and Chelsea with bans/investigations on transfers it will limit their options to one potential buyer only. However that’s Mbappe only. I don’t think anyone wants Neymar at all. Chelsea would have but Abram looks disinterested with Chelsea for the last one year.

indiscipline…indiscipline is the word you are all looking for here. Neymar, like other Brazilians before him lacks discipline.

Funny thing is neymar is 27 now. Most players peak at that age,after which it’s mostly downhill. Unfortunately for neymar his injuries now won’t allow him to hit those heights. You can see why he wants to go back to Barcelona, its probably his only chance of ever winning the champions league that’s because he himself can’t carry a team alone like Cristiano or messi. Too injury prone or lacks any sort of discipline or leadership to be the main man. Talent alone means nothing if you can’t apply yourself.

Very right. Too disruptive and high maintenance.

Hiyo pesa mingi saana

I’m happy Mbappe is looking to leave. He’s a world class talent and isn’t even 23 years old yet. The next successor to Ronaldo/Messi duopoly