is power so addictive??

I recently watched Gov. Laboso debating Ma-mbona and Susan kihika, and one thing they all agreed was that power is very addictive, I am looking at things Pres. Uhuru has to persevere, including exposing his wife to mouth watering hyenas who would not mind carrying her juu juu, to the kind of things Kalonzo has been " forced to do" including begging, to the amount of humiliation that Raila has to undergo just to remain relevant and I cant stop thinking that the whole group has some mental issues.

why would Uhuru spend a Billion plus just to campaign??? if someone was to you (my reader) a billion shillings, would they not have secured the future of your grand children??? would you waste that cash on campaigns without any certainty of a winning??? would it not be better to invest such cash, why would anyone run after something that sinks you into more trouble everyday???

I think i value peace more than billions dolloars with a heart full of deceit, fear and hatered


Your heading has answered your queries ama unataka nini?


You really are full of excrement WW.

Lol…so according to you Uhuru has not secured a future for his children? :D:D

Halafu it is well known that you campaign with corporate sponsorships, birrionaire money funding dubious NGOs from akina Soros, stolen county funds like babuon and stupid people’s cash from paybills while you keep your stash fat in the bank or some offshore account

Na wewe pia una maswali mengi. Kwani wewe ni polisi?


there is a very tiny minority that seeks office because they genuinely wish to make a difference…


At least today you are relevant

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Is this what I’ve been missing since sato…

Valid question u ask, kuuliza sio ujinga…

I’d like u to think of it this way… The fact that they (or their cronies) are in power MAKES THEM SLEEP EASY AT NIGHT and be at peace generally.

So obscene amounts will be poured into political campaigns just to protect or maintain a certain status quo and to ensure enemies (real and/or perceived) don’t take it all away by ascending to power.

Ask yourself why so many public figures implicated in scandals like drug dealing and embezzlement join politics. Through political power, they remain close to the powers that be and are able to influence them in their favour.

Besides, that billion you’re trying to wrap your head around is nothing compared to their total net worth. Remember that. It’s actually an “investment” for potentially much more down the line…

:D:D I’d like to disagree but who can argue with that? :wink:

Power is an end unto itself. It is a peasant mindset that asks sasa huyu jamaa ako na doh, future ya watoto iko secure anavumilia hii stress ya siasa kwa nini? Braare peasant phtooo!

Sasa kama sahi Nairobi cbd kina manyunyu mtu akikuuliza ati hata manyunyu ni dalili ya mvua ni ungwana in Leonard mbotela’s tone?

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The essence of politics is power - the desire to exercise control and influence over others. There is a ton of good literature in the social sciences on the subject but I will quote a summary below. I should mention that this is the most glaring addiction which we justify as human frailty.

[I]"Human behavior and conduct justify creation of a government. If there is no government each human being would deem it his right to have access to every resource in nature and that he is free to own those resources. As such community living can lead to chaos, human beings have so grouped themselves together to give up these absolute rights and form a central authority for ther own survival and protection. This entity is called a government.

The business of government is done by politicians. Politics therefore can be construed to mean a tool created by man for its survival. By this creation, power at the disposal of each individual is given up and given over to a central authority where this collective power resides. Politicians therefore are creatures of power[/I]."

i tend to imagine its the ultimate currency