Is or was this real?

A recording that has been collected according to the locals is the appearance of "Virgin Mary " that was shown on April 20, 2011. The sighting occurred in the district of Yopougon in Abidjan - Ivory Coast.
Was this for real ama it was some kind of photoshop?

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Upus. Why do you worship mary?

This is an old video :slight_smile:

Its old i agree…2011 as i said dear.

Nobody worships Mary, get your facts right.


hahaha flock mentality

Yeah, I don’t know about the vid but Africa has had apparitions in this century in Egypt , Kenya in 198os

Yes you do…the catholic church is known for its idolatry and reverence to the virgin mary…on this i side with islam, idolatry is forbiden.

We don’t woship her, we only honor her.

Kwani alitoa ID?


It get’s hard explaining this and praying using the rosary , and the adoration for Mother Mary as Christians

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So creating idols of her and bowing before them and making prayers to her is not worshiping her…please.

ni heri mwenye anaomba ngombe kuliko mwenye anaomba imaginary stuff

This thing appeared on 4.20? Hahhaahahaaa falls into drum


@jameson you have not understood me …I adore the Virgin Mary and say the rosary :slight_smile:

i feel soo stupid…someone showed me the vid jana said it happened in ruaraka…:(:(:(:frowning:

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The methodology that I use to honor her doen’t matter at the end what I know we don’t worship her. God is our supreme being. And fyi if you feel like your religion is the best stick to it and let me burn in hell with my ‘satanic’ religion.

there s neither god nor Satan…ishini hapo mkiamini myths

Everybody is free to believe what they want to.