Is online shopping safe?

Is online shopping safe?
Although Internet security poses a major concern, analysts argue that transactions are actually less dangerous in cyberspace than in the physical world.
That’s because a great deal of credit card fraud is caused by retail sales employees who handle card numbers. E-Commerce systems remove this temptation by encrypting the numbers on a company’s servers.
Is e-Commerce safe?
For merchants, e-Commerce is actually safer than opening a store that could be looted, burned, or flooded. The challenge is in getting customers to believe that e-Commerce is safe for them.
Consumers don’t really believe it yet, but experts will confirm that e-Commerce transactions are actually safer than ordinary credit card purchases. Every time you pay with a credit card at a store, in a restaurant, or every time you throw away a credit card receipt-you make yourself vulnerable to fraud. Browser makers and credit card companies have security standards e.g. the Secure Electronic Transactions (SET), which encodes the credit card numbers that sit on vendors’ servers so that only banks and credit card companies can read the numbers.
No e-Commerce system can guarantee 100-percent protection for your credit card, but you are less likely to get your pocket picked online than in a real store.
So as not to be left behind, Kenya needs to strategically position itself to determine emerging opportunities and utilise the already available human capital and technological skills to make the most of e-Commerce. Time has come for Kenyan businesses to reform their online presence. E-Commerce represents the most exciting business opportunity in decades bringing a unique chance to profitably exploit market conditions, lowered switching costs and the economies of the scale inherent in e-Commerce.
Dukalako through the use of Lipa na Mpesa, Airtel money, yucash and credit card provides a perfect platform for buyers and sellers to transact business online. Dukalako provides a safe secure and convenient platform for both.

Mhhh i think the major problem is gaining that trust and assuring users that they are actually safer transacting online.The media and hollywood with their stories of sensational hackers are making people lose trust in online transactions.It takes time to gain this trust.