Is My Wife Cheating on Me?

My wife has a male friend, ananiambia ni cousin wake.
The guy is married but she chats a lot with my wife. My wife would at times tell me she is missing the guy. Is this normal? To make it worse she will get really angry if she found me with her phone. So far sijaona red flags kwa those chats. What do you think is happening because I don’t think she will cheats on me since i have sacrificed a lot of things for her.

" I don’t think she will cheats on me since i have sacrificed a lot of things for her." :D:D:D


Welcome to the club

:smiley: Inaitwa kijiji, oneitis ni kitu mbaya

Spoken like a true beta male. Machos loading…:D:D:D

:D:DEnyewe some married fellas kwa hii kijiji hunichekesha, you’ve expressed some cuck tendencies towards her…What made her even think it will be smooth pulling such a move on you? Man up, reverse the roles on her or if you don’t have the time for those mind games, face her & firmly lay it on her…mwambie akitaka kutombwa nje asikusumbue kichwa na asikuletee kaswende atoke because there’s someone younger, childless readily available to replace her & warm your nuts.
Eissh hii si kitu ya kutuuliza shensiii, akitaka kupeana atapeana kama hajapeana tayari.

MGTOW= FREEDOM…I can’t relate !!!

If you think/suspect/feel she cheating, she is. No way around that.


If my son had this kind of reasoning atakula bare ama ngumi from me whatever age he is.

Wewe ndo next hapa after Oti ya juakali imenunulia ule kijana yako text books na pencils za shule na kupatia bibi yako pesa ya salon after amempa welding sawasawa like the fukara maskini cuck you are.

Whenever the word cousin is mentioned, please, just know that umepangiwa.

:D:D:D:D Uko na shida.

Boss. Ata cousins wanakulana so trust no one. I am incognito kwa group flani ya wamama huko FB and I saw some women confessing that they have been sleeping with their cousins kutoka wakuwe high school hadi wakaolewa.

One even said how her husband don’t suspect anything when the cousin visits. Ati immediately the guy leaves for work wanaanza kunyanduana.

Nowadays don’t trust any male relative wa bibi yako. My time undercover in that group imefanya nikaogopa wamama.

hajui ata khupipi ya jayden anaweza kuliwa very fast and easily

so you created a female pseudo acc


tombewa bibi polepole bila kusumbua

Umefanya nishuku mtu