Is Kylian mbape really 18?

I guess the 18-year-old kenyans are like 10-year-old in the footballing world[ATTACH=full]181808[/ATTACH]

Ngombe ya Osungu, change the thread to Uruguay vs France reloaded; hio ingine inaelekea 2nd page unless Assmin apin hio…

While I wonder at the same thing, I realize that Wanyama is under 30!

hehe Wacha tuone miaka ya huyu.

His brother huwa bado anaitwa “the Kenyan u21 international”

The 19 years old Nigerian goalkeeper looked 30.

Dude is truly 19.[ATTACH=full]181850[/ATTACH]

Hapo no doubt but kina lukaku hua tunachochwa

Oliech alikaa 26yrs for 5yrs

Huyo kijana ni mdogo, juzi juzi alikuwa akienda church na mother yake nikimuona

Diet na physical fitness regime that is all I can say, the guy is the age they claim he is.

He is 19 not 18.

mother is an algerian muslim?

Mbappe is 19 and his father is not , Dida the former Brazilian keeper.


Yes he’s 19, and he’ll be 20 in the next two World Cups.

Stupid answer and reference up there, a simple Google Search will give me all I need to know about the boy.